Angel Amitiel is Becoming human just one more time,
Helping mankind by use of the rhyme,
Leading their way into the light,
Shining and glowing angelically bright.

Bible’s Angel Amitiel Learning the lessons along the road,
Sometimes not even having a coat,
Facing the days if in pain or in prime,
Deciding to do it – just one more time.

For aeons and earthling I almost forgot,
The origin of soul, the home that is not,
Remembered at all when caught in the drama
Of life and the resurrection of karma.

Angel Amitiel the angel of truth and understanding
Tells Gabriel that with age comes wisdom, someone once said,
Blooming enlightened and I am glad,
That in the summer of this one I finally know,
How to use my wings, and fly, and grow.

Angel Amitiel

I am an Angel and one of a kind,
expanding in beauty, in spirit, in mind,
Exploring the cosmos and dancing the moon,
Just one more time – going home soon.

Yet reason and purpose have to be filled,
Released all the garbage, let go of the guilt!
Realization of Self and knowing what’s real,
Evolution of Earth and Mankind – I feel!

Connecting the realms of above and below,
By creating the channel for light to flow,
In me and through me and into the earth,
The higher vibrations we all birth!

During this life I have studied a lot,
One more time turned my attention to God,
Being rewarded and blessed with gifts,
That can heal and assist during the shifts!

And I offer my service one more time,
For mankind and the cosmos to align,
For all of us to live in the flow,
For the Angel awareness in us to grow.

Whenever you feel the need for assistance,
I will send you a letter with love and persistence,
A letter that leads you back onto your path,
An Angel Letter – when you so ask!

I wear the angel of truth name

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