Angels!!! Beautiful. Inspiring. Elegant. Caring. Compassionate. Charming. Humble Ever-Evolving Spiritual Beings. I have always been charmed concerning the subject of Angels. Their nature. Their story. The spiritual journey they took to become Angels, in particular, has always intrigued and fascinated me.

This article is going to provide the amazing deep spiritual insights I have learnt concerning Angels from the amazing, wondrous visionary spiritualist, Emanuel Swedenborg. Most importantly, I am going to provide spiritual advice on how we can utilise these spiritual insights to improve our character and facilitate us on our spiritual journey in forming a heavenly soul within us. Personally, I resonate with the insights Emanuel Swedenborg described concerning Angels. Before I disseminate these amazing, spiritual insights, I’d like to give a brief introduction to Emanuel Swedenborg. Born on January 29th, 1688 and died on March 29th 1772. Emanuel Swedenborg is a Swedish Seer, Visionary, Mystic, and a highly educated individual. He began to have spiritual out-of-body experiences. When he would come back from a spiritual sojourn, he would write down his spiritual experience, as part of his publication process, by which he wrote much high-quality spiritual literature. As a Swedenborg scholar that has read extensively on his theological writings, I honestly find his spiritual, theological writings to be empowering, uplifting, and inspiring. Most importantly, I believe his theological writings act as an active agent in making effective spiritual change into one’s life.

I felt compelled to write this article because I believe that the nature of Angels and what their character consists of is underappreciated. The emphasis is always on what Angels can do for us.  However, I have transcended that focus and I am more interested and intrigued to know:

What entails the Angelic Life? 

What specifically is the Angelic Personality like?

What is the source of the indescribable beauty Angels have?

Let us begin…..

The Angelic Nature

Angels are Angels because of their specific character and their spiritual nature. Because they have heavenly love and heavenly wisdom, these powerful spiritual beings are distinguished as Angels The heavenly love of Angels consists of wishing well for others even more than themselves. Angels wish the best and greatest for others. Therefore, there is no room in an Angelic spirit for all low-vibrational feelings, such as jealousy, envy, hate or rivalry. The profound heavenly wisdom of Angels comes from their Heavenly love. For the affections of love produces the perceptions of wisdom. The source and creator of Wisdom is Love. For an Angel, if a notion of truth or wisdom does not have love or goodwill as its purpose or goal, it is not truth or wisdom for an Angel. Angels do not store bits of truth knowledge in their intellect, but rather seek to incorporate truths into their lives and will. Truth is true for an Angel when it is attached to goodwill and love as its objective and goal. Therefore, we can conclude that for an Angel the purpose of wisdom and knowledges of truth is to enable us to live a good life. To enable us to live a Heavenly Life, by which we are performing acts of goodness for others. 

Everyone’s quality—that is, the nature and quality of their soul—is recognized in the spiritual world. The quality in terms of their love and wisdom is perceptible in their aura. Whereas in the physical world our physical body covers our spiritual body, consequently preventing our aura from being perceived and felt. The love of the Angels that encapsulates their aura is sooo powerful. That when Angels come in contact with spirits their aura has the effect of affecting deeply and transforming the heart of those they come in contact with. In my opinion, having an experience by which one is in the company of Angels would be a great agent of spiritual transformation. Seeing and perceiving how it feels to be in a company of people that everyone wishes each other well and the best. No one wishes ill to another. Angels imbibe and practice a plethora of feelings such as joy, happiness, kindness, mercy, compassion, and other infinite divine attributes with their heavenly companions.

The Origin of Angelic Beauty

Angels are famous for their indescribable beauty We all know, subconsciously, that Angels are beautiful, supernatural beings. However, what is the source of their otherworldly beauty? In the spiritual world, everything visibly seen corresponds to a spiritual value-that is something from our feelings and thoughts manifest into our external environment as physical representations. Spirits’ physical appearance reflects their nature, character, and, most importantly, their ruling love. Looking at a soul in the spiritual world reveals the type of personality an individual possesses. The meaning of the type-whether hellish or heavenly. Everyone’s nature and character is exposed by their appearance. In the spiritual world, everyone is and can only be who they truly are. Our outer self or earthly self, the mask we had on during the world lies in the grave. Our true selves and personalities are reflected in our physical appearance.

We take with us into the spiritual world the spiritual nature we developed while in this physical world. Angels are people who while they were in this physical realm had developed a spiritual nature, that wishes well for others, did good for others, lived in alignment with divine truths and refrained from doing evils and committing sins, because it is against divine laws. Angels are extremely beautiful, spiritual beings, because they have exceptionally beautiful minds and hearts. Heavenly love and beauty are in perfect harmony. We are all aware that good love emits beauty. Angels have good love in their hearts. They are genuinely good people. 

Angels’ beauty grows in direct proportion to their level of heavenly love. The more love they have in their hearts, the more beautiful Angels are. From this truth, let us consider what will our souls look and be like after our earthly life is over. According to the persona we’ve created for ourselves, we can be ugly or beautiful. Do we put the spiritual truths we have received into practice? Do we wish the best and greatest for others? These are key questions to ask ourselves on our spiritual path to consider if we are cultivating our spiritual nature to be angelic. Personally, the answers to those questions have enabled me to see what parts of my character I need to reject and replace with more heavenly and positive traits.

What exactly is the Angelic Life?

The Angelic Life is a life of heavenly love, heavenly wisdom, and charity. For the purpose of this article, I am going to focus on charity.For an Angel, being charitable entails more than just caring for the poor and making donations. Charity for an Angel is doing good deeds from the affection of goodness and kindness, without regard for remuneration. An Angel’s reward for doing good deeds for others is spiritual pleasure. The joy and affection of goodness that comes from doing good to others is referred to as spiritual pleasure. Angels find it disheartening that people think that the only possible reward from doing good is some form of gain and honour. Significantly, the spiritual pleasure that Angels enjoy in doing good immeasurably surpasses any happiness that comes from doing good for the sake of an earthly reward or honour. Based on what has been discussed thus far, we can implement this truth into our lives, by choosing to do good deeds for the sake of wishing well for others. For the sake of wanting to be kind and good. When kindness, compassion, and goodwill are the spiritual source of our good deeds, consequently, they are intrinsically and spiritually good.

I hope you enjoyed and were inspired by this article. I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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Peter desroches · March 22, 2022 at 11:55 am

Hi I’m not sure who or what I’m talking to? I scrolled through the introductory about angels. I understand the perception and nameing of angel refers to another form of spirit gaurdian. I understand we are some what blessed in times of great need when it comes to survival . I understand angels are also not Jeanie’s in a bottle. I also under stand during certain exceptions besides just observing, sending messages and lending aid that other matters are addressed besides the complex of protection.
However what I’m confused about is why isn’t a major critical part of my life supported by the devine order or angels? That part to what talking about is that I have no love life. That’s one question I have, another if I’m wrong about this, then specifically why is my love life non existent? I need an answer besides my own issues being the answer. After all most of my issues stem from not having a love life in the 1st place.
Also I find it difficult to show appreciation or pay it forward when this major element of my life is missing. There also seems to be really no clues or direction to leed me to others to pay it forward other than questionable conscience.

Mary · March 30, 2022 at 1:57 pm

Hello Peter! I am the writer of this article.

My objective in writing this article was to disseminate some of my spiritual insights about Angels through my extensive spiritual study of the Mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg. Additionally, my objective was to express the positive, passionate feelings I have about Angels. The purpose of this article was to increase people’s spiritual knowledge about Angels and the spiritual world. There are many articles on this website that do the same.
I understand that you are stressed and concerned about not having a love life of your desire. You have every right to express your concern and genuine feelings. However, addressing me by saying that you are not sure of “who or what you are talking to”, I found to be a bit rude and disrespectful…..

I will address your concern with empathy and with some spiritual guidance based on my study and personal spiritual experience.

From my own direct spiritual experience, I feel Angels really do get involved in your life and heed to your desires and requests, when you invite them in and directly ask them to get involved in your life. This can be achieved by a genuine prayer(a prayer that flows from your heart and feelings, with no restraint or structure).I have experienced and found that the best time to pray, is between 2am-5 am. The veil between the physical and spiritual world is very thin during that time of the night. During that time, I would advise you to pray to your Guardian Angels in a humble and grateful manner. Pray for them to grant you a love life that will serve your highest good. In your prayer state all your romantic desires and the intention behind your request.

Additionally, pray to God or The Lord (Or the Higher Being you prefer to direct your prayer to), to administer his Angels to direct your life in His divine timing and grant your request to receive a partner that will fulfil your romantic desires, and whose love can heal you and empower you on your life’s journey. Throughout the duration of your prayer and at the closing of your prayer, remain in the unshakeable belief and conviction that your prayer has been heard and granted. After you express your deepest desire through your prayer, go about your day embracing your heart with the blissful feelings of your desire. Experiencing in the present how you would feel if your desire was already granted of being in the harmonious, romantic relationship of your dreams. I have noticed embracing the exciting feelings of your desire really speeds up the delivery of your prayer request. The degree to which that feeling is intensified in your heart, is the degree to how fast that desire will manifest. Adhere to this spiritual advice, it works!!

From my spiritual experience, when I started to put the divine truths, I had received through my spiritual study into practice and focused on cleansing away my spiritual impurities. Focusing my heart and will on wishing and doing good to others and living in a state of gratitude. Consequently, when I would pray from my heart with a good intention behind my prayer request, it would be granted! It was during this spiritual phase of my life that I started noticing and receiving divine guidance through Angelic Numbers that would be appearing all around me in very magical ways.

According to Swedenborg, we become closer to the Angelic Realm and become receptive to divine attributes of the Divine Influx of God, when we cleanse ourselves of our spiritual impurities. For spiritual impurities impede our receptiveness to the Divine Influx of God, which is Divine Love. When we utilize divine truths to cleanse ourselves of our spiritual impurities, we become more receptive to the divine attributes of God, such as His mercy, kindness, grace, compassion, kindness, blessed opportunities and other divine attributes of God, that we are not aware of. This comes as a result of utilising divine truths into our life.

I hope you have received something from my reply that will work for you. I wish you the very best and I hope you find the Love Life of your dreams. I hope you find someone that will fill up any empty void in your life with kindness, happiness,joy, love, luck, mercy, abundance, and peace.-Amen.

I wish you the very best on your life’s journey and spiritual path.

Kindest Regards,

God Bless,


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