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The angel Amitiel has often been associated with truth and understanding. Rather than providing divine angelic assistance, she helps us discover truth at different levels, and she teaches us how to use truth and understanding as learning curves.

In several ancient texts, she has been mistaken for a male due to the widespread belief in those times that all angels were male.

Her love for people is boundless, and it shows in her endless devotion to the people she protects.


As an angel of truth and understanding, the angel Amitiel will always be there to help and guide you if you are sincere with yourself and your environment.

Coming to terms with your true emotions, be they good or bad, powerful or delicate, will help you discover your ability to feel and experience love without limits, as well as to experience gratitude, forgiveness, joy, and sensuality. When blocked by darkness, your soul and eternal self are touched by dark energy, which the pure and divine have trouble tolerating.

Your ability to fight darkness and come to terms with your inner self will help you illuminate your soul with love and light. It is the very purpose of your transformation. 
By letting this light flow inside you, "to swim" in your circle of energy, you are welcoming the presence of the divine and the spiritual..

If you are true to yourself and willing to accept love and light, Amitiel will communicate with you and guide you toward becoming a better, happier person.


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