One might think it would be obvious using common sense, but yet, often many people wonder exactly “What are Angels?” The answer may surprise you. We all know that angels are indeed, benevolent beings created by god as servant helpers and guides. They exist, in part, to transverse the spiritual world with the physical one. Although they are rarely seen, they do this regularly. Their obvious presence would be a distraction, and possible, distressful to people who do not know what their true purpose is. In fact, over the centuries there has been much debate as to the exact nature of angels and their purpose and basically answer the question What are Angels?.

what are angels

So what are angels? Angels are not only servants and warriors of god, they are messengers. They are everywhere, ready to advise us and support us in our daily lives. They offer spiritual guidance. They do this in a manner that is not meant to interfere with our lives. Instead, they use numeric codes and patterns to convey their message. This subtle means of communication is necessary, but can also be a difficult method to interpret, if you do not know what to look for or what the sequences mean.

They are everywhere, ready to advise us and support us in our daily lives. They offer spiritual guidance.

Nostradamus is one person who long ago the very question “What are angels?” She learned quickly. A natural clairvoyant, Nostradamus was seeing and communicating with angels from a very early age. During this time, Nostradamus learned much about angels, and how they send messages, and what these messages mean. He also learned how to apply them, in the correct context, to our everyday lives. He has even authored a book on the subject. This book is a must-have for anyone who want to begin communicating with angels, and take advantage of their guidance and wisdom.

If you are still asking yourself “What are angels?”, it would behoove you to refer to one or all of Nostradamus’s other books, such as Angel Healing. Without a doubt, Nostradamus is the foremost expert on angels and everything angelic. He can answer almost any question you would need to ask. You will learn exactly what angels can and cannot do, and how to communicate with them and ask them for guidance and support. Once you have learned the secrets to receiving messages from angels, it is guaranteed that will never need to consider the question “What are angels?”, ever again.

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