Hello dear friends. My name is Sharon. I am very excited writing about Angel Nagual on this website that Aurora has provided for us. Don’t you agree this initiative is great!?

The first time I encountered Angel Nagual was when I was around four years old. Nagual angel called my name three times and disappeared after I saw him. My angel filled my bedroom doorway.

Angel Nagual

Since then this angel or one of its buddies has always been with me. I have been saved many times by its intervention. I know my Nagual angel will always be there for me.

Basically I believe in the love of the divine for all

From time to time I write to my Angel Nagual in my angel journal. I have asked him if  my grandmother who passed over 11 years ago is safe.

From time to time I write to my angel in my angel journal

I am very eclectic in my beliefs. Basically I believe in the love of the divine for all. I am slowly discarding my very Christian background … especially since I was told that believing in angels is the work of the devil … that to me who has intimate knowledge of her angel(s) was the last straw. Angels are divine.

Since last year my fascination with Angels has grown so much. I want to share a poem with all of you…I wrote this last December for someone I cared for very deeply. In March of this year I submitted it for consideration in a poetry contest. I am one of the finalists and because I am, it will be published this fall. I am so happy and proud. I think finally the Angels are shining down on me and my family. So here it is…I hope you all like it.

Angel of hope, Angel of love,
I come to you from the
heavens above.

Angel of sweetness,
Angel of light,
will be with you
day and night.

Angel of happiness,
Angel of my heart.
Yours forever and
never apart.

Your Angel caresses…
Your Angel kisses…
Your Angel wants…
Your Angel wishes.

Your Angel loves you…
Your Angel is here…
Your Angel is always near.

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