Lucifer-(He who gives Light): Lucifer is known as the Prince Of Darkness and the Prince of the power of Air. The name Lucifer was once the Latin name for the planet Venus (Venus was also called the Morning Star and was considered the brightest luminary in the Heavens), Lucifer is said to be one of the many names of Satan, which is why in literature Satan is referred to as the Morning Star and the Bringer of Light. There is some confusion though, as some confuse the name Lucifer with Satan. In some texts, Lucifer and Satan are entirely two separate beings.

Lucifer angel

OK..with this little introduction I would like to share something about Lucifer as well.

I have been thinking about whether or not to share this event which happened this past year. I have wondered if it was the right thing to do and now I feel that it is. Please remember that this experience happened to me and tho it differs from the ones I have seen here, it truly manifested itself in a form I will never forget.

I will spare many of the details as they are long and I have no wish to re-live more than I need to, but this experience gave me a growth in my spirituality like I have never felt before.

I had spoken many times, in classes, on the list, to meetings held in the honor of angels, and it had always been my joy and pleasure to teach in these fields. I have helped many people in all faiths to learn about angels and that they were here for all of us, but there was always the question of Satan. How did I know the angels I spoke with were not the “evil” angels disguised to fool me? How could I possibly know this?! I had received emails, (and still do), claiming that I worship the devil because I call angels. I don’t even understand their reasoning..but that’s another matter

My thoughts were that there is no bad angels, cause bad angels would be demons

Anyway, one night after speaking with my husband about these teachings, I began to ask him and silently asking my angels how I would teach people the difference between “good” angels and “bad” angels. I didn’t know the “right” way to teach them how to tell.

My thoughts were that there is no bad angels, cause bad angels would be demons. Made sense at the time I thought, but that still wasn’t a good enough explanation. So I pondered more, thinking..OK..dark angels must be the bad ones, then realizing that was not true. Just like Dark Goddesses, Dark Angels would not be bad. They would be the angels that guide and protect the “dark” things in life, like the night and the stars…

I had about given up and figured it was a lost cause, then something happened to me. Mike, my husband, had already gone to bed and was fast asleep. I had stayed up to talk to the angels to see if I could get an answer. The answer I received was not what I wanted, but it did help me grow and to learn. I received my answer, though I will admit it scared the living crap out of me

Now, I am pretty strong in the Angel area. Not much frightens me. But this night, after asking to know the difference in good and bad angels, and how to know what “Satan” really was so I could teach…I had a visitor. I did not “see” this person/thing/energy/power. I felt it! More strongly that anything I had ever felt. It was not a good feeling either.

Not much frightens me. But this night, after asking to know the difference in good and bad angels, and how to know what “Satan” really was so I could teach…I had a visitor.

This is where it gets very difficult to explain so please bear with me. There was an audible voice. I heard everything it said. It introduced itself as “All that is Evil”. I knew it must be Lucifer, Satan, the Evil One. It used all manner of words and charisma and anything it could muster to make me understand “its” point of view. The reason I say IT is because this being came to me as an energy field. A pure evil and sick energy field. I felt it deep within my soul and it scared me but I would not let it know I was afraid. I was strong and maintained my composure, wanting so much to break down and cry and plead to the angels and to the God/Dess for help. I did ask for help inside of my soul, but not out loud, for it taunted me with accusations of things I had done wrong in my past, wrongdoings of the future where he told me I would fail to teach about the “silly angels”. I felt unworthy to even think of help so I did not ask out loud at this time. I remained strong and held my ground and prayed inside with all I had for my Guardian to “save” me. He went on taunting and teasing, ridiculing and belittling every thing about me. He was truly mean, in every sense of the word.

This evil force went on to tell me he knew of my questions of good vs. bad and was there to answer the question. He went on to explain to me that evil is all encompassing. That there indeed may be a true Satan/Lucifer person/being..but that the term Satan actually refers to all the evil energy in the world, from every minuscule place, all coming together in one force.When someone feels Satan, they are really feeling the evil force.

Lucifer was indeed the most beautiful ever created, but Satan is the evil forces of the world combined to create the most awful and fearful energy there is. It brings to surface your doubts and fears, hurts and loss, past “sins”, mistakes and downfalls. The worst thing it does is make you feel as if you are as evil as it is. That you are not loved by any one or any thing, that you will always fail.

This conversation lasted most of the night, me seeing nothing, and hearing only this terrible sounding male voice, taunting me with sarcasm and falsehoods. I was to the point of having not one ounce of self-esteem left, when he laughed and taunted me with a final..“You know nothing and you are a failure. You help no one and no one cares about the “silly angels”. Then he was gone.

As I stood there ready to collapse, as I had used all my energy to withstand the pure evil coming from it, I was immediately held on to. Someone held my hand and I looked to see my Guardian with me. I immediately started sobbing and couldn’t stop. He let me cry and cry until the pressure was released.

The first thing I said was, (in my way lol), “Where the HELL have you been??!!!” heheh

His simple words were, “We have been here the entire time protecting and guarding you. You were never in danger. The evil force knows how you help people and he does not like it. He was trying to stop you. You did wonderful. You are as strong as we had thought. You now know about the difference between the good and the bad, don’t you?” All I could do was nod and sob some more.

So by my asking for the answer, I did indeed receive it by meeting the evil force itself. I will never forget it. And I will tell you now. If any of you have wondered, the difference it is simply this….When an angel of God, goodness and love, comes to will feel the love and the joy radiating from them. You will feel it in your soul and your entire being. If an angel of “bad”, evil, or one who tries to deceive, comes to will feel sick inside, it will feel dark and foreboding, you will be drained of all energy and it will be all you can possibly do to hold your ground. But you will be strong with the knowledge of what it is and what it is trying to do. There is a definite difference and you will know with all your heart and soul if it is an angel or not.

There have been those that ask me, why do you see angels and I do not. I don’t know. I do know you can see them. We all can. Its a matter of being aware of the little things we all call coincidence or circumstance, fate, or a quirk.

I heard on a tape yesterday this saying…”Why do some see the angels and some do not? The question really is, Will we recognize them when we see them?”

A thought to ponder:)

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