Consider prayer,  please, that very many of our thoughts can be ‘prayer.’

When we think of someone and feel for their situation; and our thoughts of love and caring towards them are like holding them in a meditation of our heart, it is like a prayer drawing thesm towards a brighter light — wanting their needs (to) be met.

consider prayer

Consider expanding your belief systems to embrace very many more things as prayer. We know and use so little of the human potential that probably traditional concepts of prayer are likely quite limited. Consider the enabling benefits of embracing a very broad-spectrum approach to prayer.

Consider prayer as love is vital components of healing, peace, acceptance and understanding. Powerful aspects of living and thriving with life challenging conditions such as immune imbalance, hiv and aids.

There is much evidence on the power of prayer working miracles. Even if the person is unaware they are being prayed for. There was a clinical study done at San Francisco General Hospital on prayer. In a double-blind study (were no one knew they were being prayed for) the names of persons with advanced stages of heart disease were sent to prayer groups around the country. The statistics came back so significant that had it been a pill the FDA would have demanded that it immediately be released to all people on the study and it would have been touted in the media as a miracle cure! Moreover the ‘faith’ of either party made no apparent difference. The names were farmed out to born-again Christian groups. This is how powerful prayer is.

Many of us still in recovery from so called “religion” could do well realizing there are gifts amid so much trash: we don’t have to block out all messages because the messenger is a fool. A plus is to see yet another big growth opportunity here! So we can keep on working in the forgiveness department. Consider a visual prayer of pouring love over their sad, ignorant, fearful lives — a prayerful act to heal our wounds and be strengthened by the liberation of forgiveness.

“A mind is like a parachute — it works better when open”

Consider it prayer as you put out your fears and anxieties — your wants, needs and cares, — as well as your gratitude and thanks. Consider gratitude is precious prayer in a spirit of joy. Consider prayer is greeting and linking, hoping and wishing. It is drawing in — and putting out. It is inviting and expressing. Consider prayer is being in community.

Consider when putting something in prayer — leaving it there — avoiding the temptation or habit of continuing to fret on it. Feel assured it is taken care of.

Prayer is being in a state desirous of union with the powers that help our destiny and the destiny of others. It is joining of our thoughts with those ‘powers’. To petition (for), seek guidance, ask favors and/or forgiveness and to give thanks and praise in acknowledgment of our ‘blessings’ and for love. Prayer is love and hope and desire. (–it is for discernment and patience and acceptance and understanding.) It is for empowering. To alleviate pain and suffering and affirm joy.

Prayer is for ‘at/one/ment and a/tone/ment.’ Prayer links souls (in community). It is the continuation of our be-ing with others in the spirit world. And to being with others (and the self) in this world.

Prayer acknowledges an awareness of the supernatural world. It is about being in touch with it. It is a meditative experience seeking harmony, balance, peace and perhaps even a different state of consciousness. Prayer transforms and transcends.

The act of praying or being in prayer helps dissolve our fears and ridgeness — our limitations, — the blocks to growth, awareness and empowerment. It reinforces the mind-body-emotion-spirit connections.

Prayer is the access or service road that joins the expressway to Wellness.

I say, “Thank you” — which acknowledges it is done. Then I say, “And I will do my part” — as I fasten the seat belt clip and commit to driving responsibly.

Prayer might help us honour the reason we are here. At this time; in this incarnation. It helps dissolve anger and rage and unworthiness. To alleviate bitterness and blame; and to heal shame and judgment. Prayer is also grounding. It respects we do the best we can with what we have at any given moment and to realize that is also true for others. Yet we must still do our part — for example when I am in a vehicle and ask “For a mantle of protection around myself and the others there (naming them) with me and anything I/we come near or in contact with”. I say, “Thank you” — which acknowledges it is done. Then I say, “And I will do my part” — as I fasten the seat belt clip and commit to driving responsibly.

Consider prayer as a constant active or passive act you are evolving in. A Contemplative Life –if only by osmosis. I’ve never forgotten the impact seeing the movie Children of Paradise –the life of Gurdjieff — had on me. It was at a time in my life when I was on an active sabbatical from religion. I am presently on my third or fourth. I was awed that someone actually made their life’s quest the pursuit of a sacred path to find Truth. What an astonishing journey to commit!

Please consider, as you wake up renewing in prayer each day, yours connect with mine and millions of others as we honour, celebrate, give thanks, ask and try to keep on doing as best we can. Always do your part to lovingly take splendid care of yourself.

If prayer is a totally different or new experience for you or you want to expand your methodology then in a disturbed-reduced comfortable environment that you may feel sacred in — be it a room, garden, ‘high place’ –anywhere. Sit, or lie (with something supportive behind your knees and neck –like a rolled towel). If it would enhance the sacredness make an altar ie. a cloth spread out with items special to you such as beads, stones, bones, feathers — photos/images, poems or writings, a musical/ceremonial instrument like a rattle, drum or pipe. Include anything special such as gifts, cards or letters from dear persons. You might want to burn incense, sweetgrass, sage, cedar or candles, — or smudge yourself and your altar. You might like to have a prayer ‘shawl’. Perhaps include meditative or sacred music, chants or environmental sounds. Ask for grounding and connectedness. Be with any sound or thought distractions momentarily but leave them and return to focus on your intent. You might want to use a mantra — repeating a sound or phrase — like love, peace or ohm. With your eyes closed be aware of your breaths — count them. Be like this for about twenty minutes, twice daily, as you can. Calmly ask negatives if they occur to go away. Visualize connecting in light. Be ‘in-the-moment’. Ask. Return yourself gently. Smile. When you have tears know they are liquid prayer.

You might want to burn incense, sweetgrass, sage, cedar or candles, — or smudge yourself and your altar. You might like to have a prayer ‘shawl’. Perhaps include meditative or sacred music, chants or environmental sounds.

Offer prayers before you eat, as you awake and at the closing of your day.

Blessed Be on your road to Wholeness and Wellness. May your experiences Heal you in peace and love. Always.

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