Angel Love is the answer. Love yourself to wellness. If only we could love angels enough. Love makes all the difference – well certainly a huge difference. Love heals.

Without any doubt I’ve said and meant and believed all these statements.

angel love

Most of the big names promoting angelic healing speak of angel love as a crucial component, if not the singular necessity of healing. I believe this also.

But not to the extent of dismissing someone.

I feel all this ‘love’ stuff when practiced without compassion and understanding and acceptance, leaves a space for judgment and dismissal.

I have problems with oversimplifying.

If, in our ‘love thing’ view we allow room for measuring, then we are not loving. At least not without conditions.

In many aspects of my life I don’t know what I am doing. Daily, I’m growing towards trusting myself more, and I hope practicing angel love more. I practice having my behaviour more in-line with my beliefs. I try to include loving and being human in love. I try to be sure I am feeling genuinely for others without being influenced by social sanctions.

I do believe angels is about love. And I also know it is very, very hard and deeply affects us physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically. I know there must be a collective consciousness going on somewhere in all this angelic power. I know it is about love. I know it is about love healing. I also know not everybody can be able to see it, feel it or be touched by the possibility of this component at every given moment in their experiencing of the impact of angel love. I could say I can’t; but I know it is there even in my anger. Even in my loss. And my constant grief. I wear a smile that for me represents the depth of my caring. I wear a smile that coats a heart broken open by all the love I am witnessing. I see and feel and am healed by the love that pours through those cracks. And into the gaping hole that is left.

I wear a smile that coats a heart broken open by all the love I am witnessing.

Love is working in my life. And it works my knowing I am OK. That I have self-love. It also works that I am able to commit to loving people as mush as I love angels where they are. To feeling non-judgment. To respect.

I know I cannot heal everyone’s pain. But I can and do care.

I take very seriously the love thing. For me it must always include compassion. I don’t have all the answers for everyone else. There may not always be words to convey the inclusion of others. I want to be sure that when I use the words I do, I’m not excluding someone else, wherever they may be with this.

I don’t have all the answers for everyone else.

May I wish for you love finds you, and you it. Listen to your soul. Let angel love in, then pour out to heal more.

Thank you.

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