Three types of sciences There are three basic scientific disciplines each one focusing on a specific level of reality. These are spiritual sciences, mental sciences and physical sciences respectively. Spiritual sciences Spiritual science focuses on integrating and unifying the substance of reality. It teaches the importance of action, feeling, awareness, collective observation, active detachment and the scientific practice to create more freedom, existence and being. It produces true visionaries through the skillful utilization of creativity, intuition, initiative and intent. Mastery of this discipline leads to great vision and spiritual illumination. The following is a list of various traditions within the field of spiritual science. Agni Yoga. Alistair Crowley. Arhatic Yoga. Asparsha Yoga. Astanga Yoga. Bhakti Yoga. Carlos Castaneda. The Sorcerer's Way. D.E.Harding. The Headless Way. est. G.I.Gurdjieff. The Fourth Way. Gnosis. Hatha Yoga. Hindu Yoga. Integral Yoga. Jnana Yoga. Karma Yoga. Kriya Yoga. Kripalu Yoga. Kundalini Yoga. Lambika Yoga. Laya Yoga. Mantra Yoga. Metaphysics. Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. Power Yoga. Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). Osho. Raja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga. Sankirtan Yoga. Shamanism. Shiva Yoga. Siddha Yoga. Sri Adi Da Avatar. Free Daism. Surat Shabd Yoga or Nada Yoga. Taoism. Tantra. Taraka Yoga. Theravadan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism. Yantra Yoga. Yoni Tantra. Zen Buddhism. Mental sciences Mental science focuses on interpreting and adapting the substance of reality. It uses perception, emotion, thought, consciousness, subjective association, mediating adjustment and the scientific path to create more choice, meaning and understanding. It produces true leaders through the skillful utilization of imagination, induction, negotiation and motivation. Mastery of this discipline leads to great wisdom, happiness and well being. The following is a list of various traditions within the field of mental science. Asatru. Astrology. Atheism. Baha'i Faith. Christianity. Druidism. Gnosis. Hare Krishna. Hinduism. Humanism. Islam. Jainism. Jehovah's Witnesses. Judaism. Monasticism. Mysticism. Naturism. New Age. NLP Paganism. Philosophy. Psychology. Quan Yin. Rastafarianism. Scientology. Theology. Theosophy. Theoretical Physics. Transhumanism. Unification. Unitarian-Universalism. Universal Life Church (ULC). Zoroastrianism. Physical sciences Physical science focuses on defining and separating the substance of reality. It uses sensation, reason, attention, objective description, passive attachment and the scientific method to create more power, energy and knowledge. It produces true geniuses through the skillful utilization of memory, deduction, explanation and concentration. Mastery of this discipline leads to great intelligence, clarity and purity. The following is a list of various traditions within the field of physical science. Acoustics. Agriculture. Anthropology. Archaeology. Astronomy. Bilogy. Biophysics. Botany. Chemistry. Ecology. Engineering. Geography. Geology. Geophysics. Hydrology. Mathematics. Medicine. Meteorology. Nanotechnology. Nuclear Physics. Oceanography. Paleontology. Physics. Physiology. Primatology. Quantum physics. Relativity. Zoology.

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