Three Degrees of Reality
Reality is made up of one fundamental substance called the vast ocean of waves and frequencies, or structured world of liquid and foamy ether. The basic building block of this substance is an energy unit called Quanta.

The sciences measure this substance as different kinds of frequencies, waves or particles in various states ranging from etheric to solid. We experience these energies in different degrees of densities and sense, perceive and feel them as various energy states or states of consciousness. These states have been classified as three basic degrees; fine, medium and coarse.

If we create a model of reality in space then physical matter would be at the center. It would be the core, the densest and most compressed portion of reality. As you expand outside physical reality you come to the level of mind where you experience thoughts and emotions. Expand further into higher and finer densities and you come to the level of spirit where you experience feeling and presence. And finally when you expand outside spirit you come to the container of existence and being, the natural habitat of the Self. The Great Void which sustains and contains Everything, and at the same time is Nothing.

Man and Reality
From the very beginning of his existence, man has had an insatiable curiosity and need to unravel the secret of reality. He has developed all kinds of philosophies, theories, strategies, methods and techniques in order to get to the bottom of this elusive riddle. What is reality? Why does it exist? How does it work? Many people came up with very good answers and created disciplines around that knowledge, both to preserve the knowledge they had gained and to continue with the exploration going further and deeper into the mysteries of reality. So man created three basic scientific disciplines each one focusing on a specific level of reality. The spiritual sciences and disciplines focused on exploring the spiritual realm. They became known as yoga, Buddhism, hermetics, metaphysics, shamanism, Sufism and more recently G.I.Gurdjieff’s fourth way, Castaneda’s Nagualism, est and Avatar exploring the higher frequencies of reality. The mental sciences and disciplines focused on the mental realm, mental being both thought and emotion. They became known as religion, philosophy, psychology and more recently the New Age phenomena exploring the middle frequencies of reality. The physical sciences focused on exploring the physical realm. They became known as medicine, biology, physics, chemistry and all the other hard sciences exploring the lower frequencies of reality.

The Structure of Reality
The skills and abilities of the mind enable us to structure and shape this one single substance of reality into millions of smaller substance units. Each unit with its unique qualities and properties is a physical, mental or spiritual manifestation of a particular thing created out of the substance of reality. The fundamental substance is always the same, and doesn’t change, but how we structure it determines the characteristics, behaviors and properties of the thing created. If we think of the alphabet as the whole of reality we can structure and combine the letters in different ways to create millions of different words, sentences and meanings. The alphabet itself is unchanged, we have only re-arranged its structure. The same applies to the substance of reality. We can re-structure it to create millions of different states, elements, qualities, properties, models, processes and energies. So now, after thousands of years of exploring and structuring the substance of reality, man, with the aid of the three disciplines has located and defined a large number of physical, mental and spiritual structures to explain reality, creating huge reservoirs of knowledge on almost everything from the most solid of things to the most un-solid of things.

Reality Structure Groups
Each of these structures has three distinct properties and exists on all three levels of reality. Man has a body, mind and spirit and therefore has a spiritual structure, mental structure and physical structure. He exists on all three levels, and has a multitude of properties on all levels. A simple analogy is a structure called H2O, which has the three different properties of ice, water and steam. Another analogy is a spiritual structure we call Being which has the three different properties of attention, consciousness and awareness. Each particular structure represents a group of three properties, each property belonging to its particular level. For example attention would be a property of Being on the physical level, consciousness would be a property of Being on the mental level and awareness would be a property of Being on the spiritual level. All three properties are grouped under Being, therefore I call these structures Reality Structure Groups (RSG). A property within a particular RSG can be a structure for another group with its own three properties. In that way Being is a structure but also a property in the combination of being,

Table of Properties
The following table shows a list of Reality Structure Groups. Each group has three properties representing each level of reality. Some properties may have been explored by one or two or all three disciplines, each one defining it according to their principles. Some properties haven’t been grouped under a specific structure. The groups are not categorized in any specific order and the list is not complete as new structures, properties and groups are continually being discovered and added.


Structure Name:
Property on highest level:
Property on middle level:
Property on lowest level:

Fundamental Substance
Chinese Metaphysics
Brain Hemispheres
Right hemisphere
Left hemisphere
There are about 45 other Reality Structure Groups, which have been identified but have not yet been released as they are still in the developmental stages.

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