I would like to share two angel stories that happen to me during my life. There is no need to say, each events really affected me and changed my life. Angels are real and I sleep better at night knowing they are here to protect us especially in these difficult days of global warming and world over population.

My two angel stories

The first of this two angel stories was my daughter’s experience. She rang me frantic from the city one day, just about three years ago, she was six months pregnant with my little grand daughter Samantha, she was telling me that she had just met her guardian angel. She was near hysterical, and begging me to believe what she was telling me. I told her that I did, as I have always known of the existence of Angels.

Two Angel Stories

She was standing at an extremely busy intersection, when she felt an arm slip in and under her arm. When she turned there was a rather tall old man standing beside her. The most distinguishing feature of this man was his hair, she commented that he had grey/white hair, with a black streak from the forehead to the back of his skull. (The same as my grandfather had who died well before I was even born, co-incidently).

He turned toward Tammy and told her that he was blind, could she please help him to cross the road. Tammy was happy to assist the stranger as she fell under his spell, which she could not explain, there was an immediate liking for this man. He talked to her as they walked across the road, as they neared the centre of the road, he stopped short and fell to the road.

At the same time a car ran the red light and whisked past Tammy on the other side. It was so close that she felt the wind as it passed. Panicked about the old man she turned back to help him to his feet only to find there was no one there. She stood in the center of the road confused and another man ran to her aid, as he thought that the car had actually hit her. He asked if she was alright.

She said that she was, but that she didn’t know where the old man had gone to. The stranger was bemused, as he had watched her cross the road and she had walked alone talking to herself. (Who said there are no angels). I believe it was my grandfather who saved my daughters and my grand daughters life that day.

The second story, was my mother’s. I was about 11 years old it was about 6.30 in the morning, my mother had left for work about twenty minutes earlier, she always left early because she worked in a factory. She had a lot of worries at this time and lets say she was off in another world as she neared the railway crossing. Having made the same journey, day after day, for such a long time, she had no need to concentrate, her body just knew where to go. I’m sure that we all have something familiar like that, that we do.

She never saw the Angel who saved her life, but there was no one else in sight

Anyway, as she went to step onto the railway crossing, she felt the presence of a hand on her shoulder and felt herself being pulled firmly backwards. So hard in fact that she stumbled and nearly fell over, at the same time the express morning train dashed through the crossing in front of her. She never saw the Angel who saved her life, but there was no one else in sight. She came straight back home, she was too shaken to go to work that day. I have never seen her the way she was when she returned. She told me everything that happened. And her words were, “My angel saved my life this morning”.

God bless her.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed these sharings, I love hearing yours. When I have more time, there are more that I have to share.

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