I feel I must write you and tell you my story of my daughter and how my guardian spirit - Hamied Angel helped us. When I was 9 weeks along my water broke. I knew she was gone, as I had given birth to a stillborn little boy before that.

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On the way to the hospital I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and I knew some how that all would be well.In the emergency room the doctor told me not to try to have children for another year. As he prepared to perform the D&C;, something made him stop, you could see him just STOP.

He says, "Maybe I'd better check for a heartbeat first." He listened to me looking for the baby's heartbeat. "What do you know!" he says, "That baby is still alive in here!!". I couldn't believe it!! The baby had no water sack at 9 weeks!! There was no way she would survive. They gave her 10% chance of survival.

Hamied Angel
Hamied Angel was the guardian angel of several powerful people in the middle east

I quit my job and stayed in bed for the entire 9 months. Every day her chance of survival went up and 3 months later the sack sealed up around her again. The doctor made house calls and never charged me. By this time we knew she would be brain damaged with no oxygen but we kept on praying and asking Hamied Angel to help her and us.

No brain damage, no defects, in fact, the hospital gave her the perfect Apgar scores!!!

I had many ultrasounds, most of them showing a tumor in there with her, one week there and the next week disappearing. We just kept praying and hoping. When she was born (and I knew it was a girl when she held on like that, cause my boy didn't) she was perfect!!!! No brain damage, no defects, in fact, the hospital gave her the perfect Apgar scores!!!

To this day she is a fighter and a mean little redhead, heeheehee. She will be 11 in December, and I thank the Hamied Angel for saving my little one for me!!!

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