I believe in angel of strength and courage. All my life I have heard voices… not because I “wanted” to hear them or was looking for them. These voices gave me power and strength. They have always been there, in times of trouble and times of good. This has been happening since I was 10. I even made an angel of strength tattoo on my back.

When I got married at age 21, I saw my first angels. I know that I was not seeing them in my imagination nor was I believing in something (so they magically appeared). My husband was with me and he saw it too, in fact he pointed them out to me.

angel of strength

There were three of them in the sky, very bright and illuminated by a neon white glow. No white that I have ever seen has compared to it. I was in awe. My husband and I stood there for the longest time looking at them. They weren’t more than a mile or so away, if even that far. They looked to be wearing robes which fluttered in the breeze, making them look as if they indeed had wings.

That night I was visited personally by my guardian angel that gives me power who explained that I was to help them in my life … to guide and teach others about the role the angels place in our lives, and to make it known that the angels were waiting for an invitation to be a part of our lives. He explained that an Angel will not intrude upon a person, so they wish to be invited.

Later in my life I was in a car accident coming down a mountainside, and hit a school bus head-on. The driver of the car I was in escaped without injury but I did not. Whiplash is not a fun thing, but I was lucky that it was not more serious.

The police officers told us that we were very lucky in that we hit the bus at the EXACT point on the bus that saved us. One more inch either way we would have hit the mountain or went over the cliff. That in itself was a miracle, but as for me the true miracle was this:

I was not wearing my seat belt properly. I should have gone thru the windshield, but at the moment of impact I was jerked back, rather violently, into my seat and held there, mind you with only ONE belt on … the shoulder belt. The seat belt in the car would not work unless both belts were properly connected.

The police officers told us that we were very lucky in that we hit the bus at the EXACT point on the bus that saved us.

No one, NO ONE, was in the backseat, yet I was held in my seat from someone behind me, it was an angel of strength gift. Two weeks later I had a hand print on my chest from where my angel held me in that car. A palm and five fingers!!!!!!!!!! A most definite hand print!!!!!!

I thank my angel for saving me every day of my life. Since then I have helped many others find their “angels”, whether it be ones from the Heavenly realm, or ones who live next door.

My hope is that you all will find yours, and if you already have, thank them everyday for what they have done for you. Remember the angels are just waiting for the invitation, as they will not intrude.

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