I just love those saved by an angel stories because I can really relate to them. I myself was saved by an angel.

In my life I have been a most fortunate soul and have had many an angel guide me, protect me and show me things I needed to see whether I liked it or not! In 1986, I was a U.S Marine. I had been doing Helo repelling, {sliding down a rope from Helicopters}, when the helo jerked forward, my safety line wasn’t hooked up and I fell forward.

saved by an angel stories

Luckily the Helo was only 75 feet up. Falling at 30 feet is like driving a car 30 mph, and hitting a wall. I fell 75 feet to the ground, during that fall. Not only was I thinking about death, but how very light I felt, like floating. I also have experienced parachuting, and it was nothing like that.

There were jagged rocks all around me except where I landed, defently can fit to the category of Saved By An Angel Stories.

Anyway, on this fall that seemed to take forever, I became aware of a guardian, a protector, guiding my fall. When I hit the ground I bounced, but other than the shock of it all, I didn’t bruise or break a single bone. When I got up on my feet I looked around, and saw just how lucky I had become. There were jagged rocks all around me except where I landed, definitely can fit to the category of Saved By An Angel Stories.

The gear I had strapped to me had somehow come loose, which is remarkable in itself considering it’s hooked on, so it wouldn’t have. If it had remained hooked it would have speared me, and most definitely taken my life. I had also the grace to not fall directly where the others were dropping the gear out of the Helo, this gear weighed in excesses of 500lbs. This, too, could have taken my life had I not been placed where I was placed.

All these things could be marked up to very rare luck or coincidence, or whatever, however this I believe was not luck or synchronicity, or whatever people call it, this was an act of a guardian, an angel, a protector. On the fall, I was made aware of this entity, of its help, and with the knowledge that this is what happened.

I know all this to be true because I have had many encounters with the Reaper, and on every single one of them this Guardian has appeared, helped and saved my life.

Anyway … that’s one experience of Saved By An Angel Stories… I hope sharing it with you all helps.

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