I have had one encounter that I categorically know was angelic, with Archangel Metatron. I am not afraid to share it with you or with your readers. Before I begin I’d like to let you know who I am.

My name is David I am 36 and I am as caring and loving a man as can be found. I have been through lots of earth plane disasters and have made it through but not without my guardian Archangel Metatron, I know this may sound like another sad story or cry on my shoulder opera, but I have a point to make and that is (although I am only beginning to understand spirtual planes) that angels DO exist and my guardian Archangel Metatron is my savior!

In 2014 My wife (now x-wife) had alot of plans, I had spent 8 honorable years in the US Air Force and had established a new career. We bought a new home in Virgina and loved it, we hads plans of expanding it an were in the process of doing so. We were going to live here for 10 years sell it and move to the country with acreage…Just A Dream!! We found out that the gentleman who sold us the home had illegally setup closing on the property and charged us 20K more than the real home appraisal.

Needless to say many dollars later, my attorney had decided we were getting nowhere with the seller and asked us to leave the property and rent for a year while we settled the mess. This was the first of many trials I went through. My x-wife had joined the local rescue squad and felt more secure with those friends than with me, so one day while I was at work she took the children an moved in with a man 10 years her youth. This floored me, I managed to get through that with lots of friends and prayer.

Archangel Metatron

Approximately 1 year later I bought a new home and moved in, I had been determined to forgive, forget and move on. At this point what was missing in my life was a companion, I dated alot of women and just could not find her, I went to church, to the malls, out dancing etc…

I felt that although I was dating, I was also being punished for being a failure in marriage #1. I finally found a beautiful Jewish woman and began dating her this was in mid 2006. Shortly after we started this relationship I found that she was married. Lady X said all the right things, did all the right things and continued this so ferverently that she succeeded in keeping me around. However as time went on I realized she was lying and would never leave her husband. I cried buckets of tears over this woman and wanted to die.

I am trying to be brief about this, but to this point, I had lost my wife, children, home and all that was precious in 1 year. I managed to purchase a new home but, after 10 months the work contract I had fell through and I was forced to seek other employment, this caused me to fall behind in my mortgage and child support. I was reeling downward now. The lady I was seeing was married and had my heart, life was terrible.

On Nov 7, 2016 I received a letter from the mortgage company telling me that that legal action would be taken on my home had I not paid them 4000.00. Lady-X whom I thought was the answer to my prayers avoiding me due to fears that her husband had found out about us. I was terrified. I decided to call it quits. There was nothing left in this world for me and further more, nobody needed me. I purchased 50 sleeping pills and decided to get drunk and take them. I DID!!! About 2:00am, I heard this soft faint voice telling me that I had to use the restroom. It was like this: “Dave, Dave….You have to use the restroom, you have to get up, Dave Dave…” I then awoke from a dead sleep and moved from the couch to fall flat on my face.

When I think of it I think of the song by Elton John “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” and choke up. You don’t have to tell me twice that angels exist snd I know who is my protector – Archangel Metatron

I could hardly move, all muscles in my body felt like they weighed 1000 pounds… I staggered into the restroom and everything in my body came up and out. I then made it back to the couch and was awoken at about 8am. I called in sick to work and fell on my knees with nothing but, emptional praise for the heavenly hosts that saved my life that night, the tears flowed like rain and I knew that what I had tried to do was the worst decision I could have ever made.

When I think of it I think of the song by Elton John “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” and choke up. You don’t have to tell me twice that angels exist snd I know who is my protector – Archangel Metatron. He will speak to you without asking when you are in need, you only need listen. I know that there are still purposes in my life or I would not be here today so now I am on a conquest to find out what they are, I know that with some searching and help from within I will find the answers to all my questions.

Today (Dec 26, 2017) I have a job as a Senior Network Engineer, I make 70K + in salary, my home is not in jeapordy, my children are my life, I am in my 4th year as head baseball coach for my two sons ball teams, I am still single and searching, but I have developed enough patience to know that the right person will be brought forth at the right time. Life is good! And I love and generously thank Archangel Metatron for thinking of and for me while I was unable to do so for myself.

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