Here I am, finally, to tell you my husband, Joseph Hickel and my angel story!!! 🙂 It’s a bit long so please bear with me!!! 🙂

It started when we were in Florida. I was Scuba diving with my husband, Joseph Hickel. The water had been muggy and so we decided to just play and dive near shore. We drove his truck to a parking lot near the water (even though the camp was just a few blocks away, it’s hard to lug all that equipment!!!), and we went diving. We saw a little lobster and a bunch of fish and had a good time.

Joseph Hickel's Cross

When we returned to our campsite, he discovered that his necklace with the cross on it was missing. He asked me if I would go find it, because I was good at finding things and I had already found some things he had misplaced!

So, very reluctantly, I walked over to the site, praying to my angel under my breath, “Dear angel, are you there? Of all the people to ask, why did Joseph Hickel has to ask me to find his cross? And, besides, I don’t even like crosses! If Jesus had been run over by a car, would we wear a tire? UGH! But, angel, it means so much to him, would you help me find it? Please!!!!”

A voice asked me, “What are you looking for?” I turned around and there was a man, sort of short and chunky, in scrubs

I got to the place where we had gone diving and looked and looked, but no luck. All the while, I was talking under my breath and praying for help. A voice asked me, “What are you looking for?” I turned around and there was a man, sort of short and chunky, in scrubs as if he was a doctor (I am a nurse!!). I felt extremely at ease talking to him.

I replied, “My friend lost his necklace and I’m trying to find it for him, but I’ve looked and looked everywhere!!!”

The man said, “Did you look there?”

I turned around and there was something shining, in a place that I had already looked at least three times! It was his cross! I was so thrilled!!!! I turned to thank the man and, he was gone!

My angel? Yes, I KNOW it!! 🙂


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