I've heard stories of angels protecting people - I want to live. I want to live more life. I think. I want to read the books and clippings iIve kept. to have some tea overlooking the garden I loved so hard over creating. I want to play with the dog; and swim again. to go on a canoe trip. and to go camping. to travel. travel. travel. journeys are my escape. I've heard stories of angels protecting people I have no fear of death. I embrace it . I know it is my soul living on its path. I've heard stories of angels protecting people. I want to use and share and enjoy the china and crystal and linens i've acquired. what I want even more is to touch the shells and stones and seeds I picked from everywhere. to paint. to clean. to tidy. I want to look at all my altars, - the chachkes; the postcards and letters i've saved. - my prayers. I want to live again the connections I made, the warm hearts and smiles; hot romances. downright cold breezes on the ships bows I stood upon -- the shores. the sunsets. I've heard stories of angels protecting people. I want more sunrises and rocks to climb. i'd like to ride a bicycle. drive a car. polish wood. and have glass shine. I want to still be the kid on my back looking and looking and looking at the stars; the aurora borealis. I want to touch fabrics, and wear silks. crisp cottons. get smartly dressed; go out and have a ball. smell animals and grass and flowers. lick ice cream. eat strawberries; crunch rosemary olive oil baguettes. see a movie. and a play, and go to The Proms. I've heard stories of angels protecting people. I want to roam the hills. and sit on a beach. dance; and dance; and dance. I want to be able to be sexual again. to see god/ess in all things. to be carried by Angels. loved -- that's it, loved: L-O-V-E-D to be held; and holding. I don't want to be angry or hurt or rejected. I want no knowledge of violence or injustice. no inhumanity. no cruelty or mean hearts. no greed or possessiveness. I don't want to interfere with other people's choices. I am ready to go any time; but not yet to let go of all this life that must be re-lived. I want to give and do; and make a difference. to be at peace, in harmony and oneness. I want to heal myself. and the planet. and so very many innocents. I want to sleep now

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