When I was 21 yrs old, just before I got married, we had to do the rehearsal thing for my wedding, little did I know that my Guardian Angel was there as well. I had to pick up one of my bridesmaids since she didn’t have a ride. I was unfamiliar with the route to her house since I had never been there before. It was daylight when I arrived at her house. We went to the church and completed the wedding rehearsal and then I had to take her back home.

After dropping her off at her house, now pitch dark outside (around 10:30 pm at night), I left her subdivision and proceeded to travel to my own home. There was a 90 degree curve in the road with a steep hill along my side of the road that I had completely forgotten about. I usually drive too fast for my own good and that night, forgetting about the bend in the road, I drove as I usually did…fast.

When approaching the sharp curve, I suddenly blanked out for a few seconds, although I was fully conscious at the time of this occurrence. Something…or someone, I should say, and I believe to this day that it was an angel, took a firm hold of my steering wheel and I saw right before me the wheel turning sharply to my left…the same direction of the terrible curve I had forgotten about.

Guardian Angel in Wedding

I was stunned for a moment as I heard my tires loudly burning rubber to get around that curve and actually felt the power of that angel quickly turning my steering wheel for me. Instantly I realized I was traveling around that bend. Had I been in control of my car, I would have gone off the road and down the hill possibly to my death that night. But for whatever reason, I believe I was saved that night by a guardian or rescuing angel. I have never forgotten that experience and have thanked God for sending someone to help me through it.

I have always believed in angels and the help they provide…Just thought I’d share it with you..and pls if anyone else has an experience to share, I would love to hear it.

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