My family is very traditional Catholic and very modest. As children we barely saw any $100 bills, so obviously I didn’t know what a Grover Cleveland $1,000 bill looks like. While this has its downfalls it was also a strong faith to be raised in. One of the beliefs that my family lived by was that everyone was always welcome in our house strangers included.

One day in fall when my family was experiencing some financial difficulties, a stranger showed up at our house. Now we live in a small town and not very near the main roads so we didn’t see many hitch hikers. My mom invited this man to dinner and he stayed and ate with us and then my dad and he went into the living room and settled down to talk.

As children we barely saw any $100 bills, so obviously I didn’t know what a Grover Cleveland $1,000 bill looks like

There is always a big bible on the table and the man picked it up and started reading, he and my father were talking about different stories from the bible and this lasted several hours. The man didn’t have enough money to get “home” and my dad opened his wallet and only had 20 dollars till the end of the week and he gave the man the 20 dollar bill and said he wished he had more, He even asked all of us to look and see if we had any money (we were in high school and had jobs), none of us had any cash so the poor guy had to settle for the

Grover Cleveland $1,000 bill

He stood up and shook my dad’s hand and then left. The next morning my mom was moving the Bible to it’s resting place and a strange bill fell out of the bible – It was a Grover Cleveland $1,000 bill !She asked my dad if he had put the strange bill there and he hadn’t and none of us had any money so it must have been our stranger because it wasn’t there the night before.

This rare Grover Cleveland $1,000 bill was a great surprise and made our family very happy. This was an every day miracle for my family and we think we were entertaining an “angel”

Does anyone know that quote about strangers and angels? I can’t remember exactly how it goes and would like to have it – thanks.

I just wanted to contribute a small story about “angels”- let us remember to be kind to all. =)

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