I will share with you my angelic experiences. I do not share them often, as I do not think people would believe me, but this would be the proper place to do so 🙂

About a year after I started studying about angels, I started feeling a strong presence. It was during a period of turmoil, and a couple of times while driving my car I felt someone sitting in the back seat. I almost could see a person, although not visible. It was the same feeling as if someone was sitting back there.

I would turn around and “look” at him or her, and it would not go away. And then, one night I was hanging clothes on the clothes line, and I felt a presence again. I looked up on the roof, and for a brief moment I seen someone sitting on a chair watching me. I swear he or she was laughing at me, but it disappeared and it could have been smiling at me.

angelic experiences

I know this sounds far out, but these are true experiences, and since I was studying so much about angels, I figured I brought them into my life and they were making themselves known that they were watching out for me. Then, what confirmed my belief in this was one night I was really in despair, at my ropes end, crying inside and out, and all of a sudden I felt “fluttering” all about my head and shoulders and started feeling a warmth and love and caring and I instantly felt better. Since THAT experience, I have never got to a rope’s end because I know for a fact that they ARE around me at all times and as long as I keep trying to do good for people and all living things, that they will insure that it comes back to me.

I have had a couple of experiences when I was younger as well. Once when I was around nine years old, I woke up one early morning and seen a person standing at the head of my bed. This person disappeared, but my grandmother told me it was my guardian angel. And then one other time when I was about eleven years old, me and my mother were spending the night with one of her friends, and I slept out on their couch.

a very young girl appeared at the foot of my bed and stood for a while a disappeared

I awoke in the very early morning with a severe asthma attack, and was sitting up trying to breathe, and a very young girl appeared at the foot of my bed and stood for a while a disappeared. I told my mother’s friend about it and she told me that a very young girl had died in that same home with some kind of illness. It was not any relationship to her, as they were renting the mobile home.

I have not had any major experiences since these, but maybe it is because I am convinced now that they do exist:):):)

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Paula DelDotto · September 11, 2021 at 4:55 pm

I would give anything to feel or see my Mom in a Angel Form!
She passed almost 2 years ago from Alzhimer’s which I watched her disappear right before my eyes! I was her Power of Attorney, her voice. It breaks my heart reminding how she suffered for over 2 years. I was with her almost every day. I’ve been waiting for a single sign or feeling that she’s with me. Grief is something you just can’t get over, I’ve learned to live with it. It a part of me and will be forever. When she passed away a part of me died with her, that’s what I live everyday trying to live my life but a part of me is already gone with her 💔

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