I had encounters with angels as early as when I was four years old. We lived in the country then and I usually did my roaming under the supervision of my older siblings. But since they were all in school, I was pretty much free to ramble. One day, I climbed over a fence into a field, attracted by the wild flowers blooming there. What I didn’t realize was that the field was pasture to a very cantankerous bull that would charge anything that moved.

I lay down under a tree and went to sleep. When I awakened, it was to the sound of the bull’s hooves as he came galloping toward me. I was scared, you bet! Just before he reached me, a man was standing between the bull and me.

Encounters with angels

She listened and then said, “Nobody around here fits that description. You must have been dreaming.”

This man put up his hand and the bull came to a skidding stop. The man picked me up and deposited me on the “safe” side of the fence. When I looked up, he was gone. He had suddenly appeared and just as suddenly disappeared. I ran home to tell my mother of my “adventure” and how it ended and she was very skeptical. She reminded me that I had been told not to ever go in that field. Then she asked me to tell her what the man looked like. She listened and then said, “Nobody around here fits that description. You must have been dreaming.” I was not asleep when he rescued me. It wasn’t until years later, after other encounters with angels, that I came to the realization that an angel had been watching over me.

I have had only one experience with an angel in full angel regalia. Most of the time, it is a matter of escaping some danger and realizing that my rescuer was an angel who manifested as a human. Sometimes, I wasn’t in any danger but simply worried about something and one of my angels would play pranks on me, just to make me laugh. Often they did things just to let me know they are with me. When driving, I have often felt that I had an angel in the passenger seat.

Yes, my own experience with angels goes back a long, long time. Knowing they are around has given me a feeling of security and I know that anytime I call for help in something, they are there, although I don’t have to call for them – they just know when I need help. All of this is certainly not a PROOF that angels do exist, but I can say I enjoyed my encounters with Angels!

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