I thought that I just might share my dream about Archangel Orion with you all. I woke up about an hour ago, I was still trying to figure out if the dream was real or was a dream, but now that I am fully functional I believe that it was a dream.

Archangel Orion

The dream was a very simple one. I was in need of protection as was my family as someone was trying to hurt us. I was standing in my home and an Angel appeared to me, it was not just any angel, it was Archangel Orion. He told me that he was the Archangel Orion, so I am not taking rough guesses here.

He told me that I am protected and to fear not, for no harm would come to myself or family. Just as he told me that two or three men tried to come into the house with the intention, I felt strongly, to hurt or to kill us all, Shaun, myself, and the kids. As they tried to enter they were just zapped away. He also told me at that stage of the dream, not to go into my bedroom, as he said it I turned and walked toward my bedroom door, I believe there was someone else in there also. I felt a strong zap around the midriff of my body, but I was not harmed. I never made it actually into the bedroom although it was my intent to go there, even after I had been told not to.

He told me that I am protected and to fear not, for no harm would come to myself or family.

So that was my dream, are there any suggestions as to what it may mean.

I remember last week I was told that my mother would come to me in a dream, as an angel. Was this her dream, was that her I was with last night. I did feel extreme love and understanding from the Angel. Or is it deeper, was Archangel Orion trying to tell me something. I would like to know if there was more to his message.

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