In this article, you will learn everything about the archangel Orion. Should he be addressed as angel Orion or archangel Orion, His origins, what he’s famous for, Orion in the bible and Orion in the greek mythology, as well as the power and strengths of the archangel Orion.

What Does Archangel Orion Symbolize?

Orion is a symbol of strength and courage. The spirit of Orion is said to be a powerful and wise being who comes from the stars. This spirit is said to be able to help those who are lost and guide them back to the right path.

Archangel Orion is said to be a master of manifesting miracles, so he is likely able to do so in various ways. Some believe that he can manifest miracles directly, while others believe that he does so indirectly by helping people to align themselves with the divine will. In either case, it is clear that Archangel Orion is a powerful force for good in the world and that he is capable of helping people to achieve their deepest desires.

archangel orion status
Archangel Orion, Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Is It Angel Orion or Archangel Orion?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different religious and spiritual traditions have different beliefs about who or what Orion is an angel, while some believe that he is an archangel. That said, it is most likely that Orion is an Archangel because Archangels are generally more well-known and prominent in religious and spiritual traditions than angels are.

Archangel Orion in The Bible

Archangel Orion is not mentioned in the bible per se. Although there is no mention of Archangel Orion in the bible, there is another angel mentioned, which is Uriel. Some experts believe that Uriel and Orion are the same angels. Uriel is mentioned in the bible in the book of Esdras.

An Angelic Experience About Archangel Orion

The following testimonial was written by our reader Leyla:

I might share my dream about Archangel Orion with you all. I woke up about an hour ago, I was still trying to figure out if the dream was real or a dream, but now that I am fully functional, I believe it was a dream.

The dream was a straightforward one. I needed protection, as was my family, as someone was trying to hurt us. I was standing in my home, and an Angel appeared to me. It was not just any angel. It was Archangel Orion. He told me he was the Archangel Orion, so I am not taking rough guesses here.

He told me that I am protected and to fear not, for no harm would come to myself or my family. Just as he said to me that two or three men tried to go into the house with the intention, I felt strongly, to hurt or kill us all, Shaun, myself, and the kids. As they tried to enter, they were just zapped away. He also told me at that dream stage not to go into my bedroom. As he said it, I turned and walked toward my bedroom door. I believe there was someone else in there also. I felt a strong zap around the midriff of my body, but I was not harmed. I never entered the bedroom, although I intended to go there, even after being told not to.

He told me that I am protected and to fear not, for no harm would come to myself or family. So that was my dream. Are there any suggestions as to what it may mean?

I remember last week I was told that my mother would come to me in a dream, like an angel. Was this her dream, was that her I was with last night. I did feel extreme love and understanding from the Angel. Or is it more profound, was Archangel Orion trying to tell me something. I would like to know if there was more to his message.

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Spirit999 · October 2, 2021 at 1:39 am

Orion is the constellation of Christ (Yeshua). The Archangel Orion is merely ‘Christ in disguise’ or one of his different ‘faces’. Orion in the ancient languages (Akkadian and Sumerian) was called Dingir Da Mu (Son of God) and Sukal (anointed with oil…Christ/Messiah literally means ‘anointed [with oil]).
Orion is the God constellation. It rules all else. Orion is standing on Lepus the Hare constellation but the original constellation depicted a snake/serpent, not a hare. Orion is crushing the serpent with his foot, another clear indicator that it is Christ…
Does that mean that the person of Christ didn’t exist? No, it shows that the constellations foretold of the coming of Christ, his death and resurrection and coming in triumph in the last days. These are called the antedeluvian gospels (before the flood of Noah) or the gospel in the stars. Before scripture was written down to guide mankind, God guided mankind through the images conjured up by his constellations, stars, planets and the signs in the sky. The stars are unreachable from earth, hence humans cannot corrupt them or distort their meaning whereas they can do this with anything written down including scriptures. Your dream showed that Orion/Christ is the great protector and hunter who hunts down evildoers and his power knows no end. It is a very positive dream!

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