My guardian angel is undoubtedly Hamied Angel, an angel practitioner told me that. In December of 1995, my son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had a biopsy December 18 and by December 20 he was in a coma. During the next couple of days we had many conversation with doctors about what to do next, from life support to organ donation.

Hamied Angel

As you can see this was a very difficult time for me. One night as I was praying and asking all the questions to god. Like why?, how can we go on? and how am I going to handle this? I was doing this in a quiet unused hall at the hospital. As I was standing there, not knowing if I could stand any more crying for divine help.

I felt support on my shoulders, a warm feeling of peace hit me. I turned to see who was supporting me. No one was there…but I know that my angel was and the angel has not left me since. Even when I have questioned “where are you?” “how I am going to handle this situation.” I receive some kind of sign.

I have read some angel books and have watched some videos, I felt I needed more information so I went to an angel practitioner. She asked me many question about the things I’ve seen, numbers I encountered, dreams I had and in the end she used her angel cards to tell me who was my guardian angel, to who I need to pray – Hamied Angel.

If it wasn’t for my Hamied Angel and my son’s I don’t think that I would be here now. My son is still alive but it has not been an easy year. And this year doesn’t look any better. The MRI this week showed new growth and new tumors. I ask every night that the angels hold my son in there arms and comfort him. I hope and pray for a miracle of healing soon. In trying times, don’t quit trying.

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