I have a WONDERFUL angel experience to share about my friend Angel Serena! Last September 1996, I lost my best friend in a car accident. Since that time, I've LONGED to see a sign from him, and from time to time, I ask him to show me.

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In May of this year, my mother bought me a beautiful mirrored angel candle holder, on the bottom of the candle it was written in bold letters "Angel Serena Candle - For good vibes and positive energy".

While I was out of town, my cat knocked it over and the angel broke off from the ledge it sat on. I set the angel inside the little hole, where the candle's supposed to go, until I got some glue to fix it. I didn't want my cat to get ahold of it and lose it.

Angel Serena welcomed me and gave me her hand. The feeling was magical

Angel Serena
Angel Serena is my guardian angel

SEVERAL times, this Angel Serena has mysteriously been moved back to the little edge of the holder where it's supposed to go. I know that I did not put it there, and there's no one else here who could have done it. OR IS THERE? I just didn't understand what's going on until later that night.

I went to sleep and then I had the strangest dream. Angel Serena welcomed me and gave me her hand. The feeling was magical, her hand was warm and cold at the same time, I felt full of energy and exploded from happiness. We climbed some stairs and there he was - my dear friend.

He looked very good and happy to see me, I wanted to give him a hug but, unfortunately, I woke up. Is my guardian Angel Serena answering my request to show me a sign of my friend? I'd sure like to think so.

I have several other stories to share, similar to this one, which I would love to (and plan to) do over the course of time!

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