In 1979 our family was blessed with a beautiful little girl named Crystal that one day saw an angel. She was my granddaughter. Shortly after her second birthday, we found she had leukemia. Her first remission lasted 18 months, the second six months and we were not to have another remission.

While my baby saw an angel, I have never seen an angel myself, but I heard one speak to me one time. After we were told that my granddaughter was terminal with leukemia. One day I stopped by their apartment to see how everyone was. Crystal was still able to get around and play at this time and was down the street a couple of houses playing with friends. She saw me stop in front of her house and came running. As I watched her coming toward me, it struck me that there was something different about her, but I could not put my finger on what I thought I was seeing. Someone spoke to me-AUDIBLY spoke to me- “Get ready to let her go soon.”. I turned to see who had spoken to me-and there was noone there. This was NOT a thought I had in my head-it was a voice coming into my ear-of that, I am certain.

The last two weeks of her life were like living with Jesus. Because He or Angels she thought were Jesus was with her constantly, she saw an angel she said. One day as she lay on her bed, she fixed her eyes on the ceiling and they glassed over and we could not get her attention. With her being terminal, of course it scared us. Her mother shook her hard and called her name-and she came back to us. A little while later she told us that she had seen Jesus on the ceiling. Another time, she was sitting on the couch and we asked her if He was there and she said he was sitting on the back of the couch behind her. Another time, she said He was lying on the bed beside her. And yet another time he was in a hanging plant in the living room.

I Saw an Angel

This was around the first of Sept. She asked us one day if it could be Christmas. We told her sure and set Christmas for Sept. 17. It was a great Christmas and she got lots of gifts, one of which was a picture of Jesus holding a beautiful little girl with golden hair(just like Crystal’s would have been if she had not lost it to the chemotherapy).

Mommy I Saw an Angel Or Jesus

One evening as I sat rocking her we were looking at the picture. She was weak this evening and only nodded her head once in a while when I spoke to her. “Crystal”, I asked, “Doesn’t that Jesus look like He is a really tall man? And doesn’t that little girl look happy to be in His arms?” She nodded. So I told her, “I bet that little girl put her arms up to Him to make it easier for Him to pick her up, don’t you?” A nod. “Well”, I said, ” I guess that is what you will have to do, too. When He comes to get you, just put your arms out as far as you can so it will be easy for Him to pick you up, ok?” She nodded yes and went off to sleep.

“What was that?” We came to decide it was the “Brush of Angels Wings”! What else could it have been?

The evening of Oct. 4, our little darling slipped into a coma from which we thought she would not wake to see us again. We proceeded into the room where she lay. Myself, my oldest son and his wife were the last to go into the room. As we entered the door, we felt a push from behind, as tho someone was pressing against us. We all felt it, looked at each other at the same time and said, “What was that?” We came to decide it was the “Brush of Angels Wings”! What else could it have been? There was no draft in the house. We were supposed to hurry in and not miss the remarkable thing that was about to happen. So, the Angel was making sure we went in, immediately!

We had all been in the room hanging on every breath she took. But, at 12:42 a. m. Oct. 5, her eyes opened wide. She looked around the bed, first at her other grandmother, then at her Daddy, then at her Mommy and then she turned to look at me, with such depth in her eyes, it looked as tho they went into infinity. Then she turned from me and looked up to the ceiling. She came up from her pillow to a sitting position, extended her arms upward as far as she could stretch them-then fell back to her pillow—— gone! to the arms of Jesus!!!!

Is this true story really believable? Can you believe it? I lived it and I still sometimes have trouble beleiving it! Is this an Angel story, or am I wrong? I think I shall never as long as I live have another such profound experience! Maybe after all these years, you folks can help me really understand and appreciate this experience!! I am a Christian, I THINK I understand it. Could you please give me your insight to this most wonderful of happenings?

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