This is the story of how Araton Angel saved my daughter (8) and my son (12) and myself while we were traveling alone on a dark highway one night when the alternator went out in the car. There we were in the middle of the most desolate place in Utah, on a highway with no lights, no car phone, no street lights anywhere. I was panic-stricken, my daughter in tears, and my son trying to be the protector.

All I could think of was my husband back home in Idaho, never knowing what was going on and would we ever see him again. I was thinking of earlier in the day the TV showed a young boy being killed right there in Utah and here we were all alone, helpless and not a soul in sight. What if the same thing happened to us?

In my mind I screamed for help. Trying not to panic, in the eyes of the children, I got out and tried to flag people down on the highway. No one would stop. Not even the truckers. I was desperate!!

Araton Angel

I got back in the car and prayed to my guardian Araton Angel and called out to all the other angels I knew and to the God and the Goddess and any other power that would listen.

I tried once more to flag someone down, still no luck. Then out of the blue a car stops. It was one of those vehicles that guides the big mobile homes down the road, saying “wide load” on the top of their car.

I got back in the car and prayed to my guardian Araton Angel 

He stopped and I was on the alert for a sicko. I just knew we were dead.

He was able to get the car going with all these parts he just “happened” to have in his car. He followed us down the road when the car died again. This happened 4 times and I just knew we’d never get home. (My daughter is still sobbing in the backseat of the car….)

Finally we made it to the gas station a half mile away, taking an hour to get there.

Araton Angel

The man told me to call my husband and tell him what happened. He showed me his drivers license to prove who he was. He did all he could to assure us he wasn’t going to hurt us.

The man, turned out, lived in Inkom, about a half hour from where we lived!! He offered to drive us to Inkom and have my hubby meet us there. I knew we would be dropped off the highway, dead, or hurt or something. I put the energy levels and protection around myself and my kids, just asking that if one was to be hurt let it be me and not my children.

We rode with him and I never let my guard down.

My husband left home and flew like a bat out of hell and met us In Inkom. I remember driving up into the parking lot and seeing his car. The man got out and shook my husbands hand and asked if we needed anything else. My husband said no, but I thank you for bringing my family home safe to me.

We got in the car and I lost it! I sobbed all the way home thanking the Gods for our safe return to our husband and father.

As we got ready to drive away though we turned back to see where the man who rescued us was driving to. The car had disappeared!!!!!

That’s when my daughter said to me, “Mommy? Did you see the angel in the car and the one on the roof?” That’s when I knew we had been saved once again by those wonderful angels who heard a plea for help from a little family caught alone on a dark highway.

So you see dear friends, if you just invite them to you, they will come. Maybe not with wings and glorious light, but they will come in a form you will accept and trust.

Oh and one other thing. The mans name? it’s probably Araton Angel He adopted the name of my husbands cousin to put us as ease. We thought we knew him and that he was family. Does he live in the city of Inkom? No. My guess is he dwells in a realm higher than ours.

Blessed be Araton Angel!!

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