I have had several experiences that I can only attribute to some kind of angelic power or at least the higher conciousness to interpret a message from them,or it ? One of my most powerful experiences was the birth of my last daughter, Helena.

I was at lunch with my mother 6 weeks prior to my delivery date and got a strange sensation. Not pain and not illness, just an uneasiness that literally flooded my whole being. I wasn’t comfortable in my own body almost, but I couldn’t pinpoint the feeling then and I certainly can’t now but something wasn’t right. We had been out shopping and it had been a casual day. I mentioned while we were eating that since we were so close to the doctors we should stop in. She immediately worried that I didn’t feel well, but I assured her that I felt fine in the physical sense. just something was gnawing at me. I couldn’t tell at this point I’m feeling angelic power at action.

We did stop in to the doctors and they gave me a brief checkup and said that everything was fine. The “voice” in my head, for lack of a better term, got more insistent that I did not leave to go home. The doctor finally got to the point of being very exasperated with me and basically told me I was making a nuisance of myself.

Angelic Power and Daughter Birth

He called in another doctor, I think just to keep from losing his temper. The other doctor re-examined me and did an ultrasound. He found that every time the baby moved her heart rate dropped when it should have sped up.

Evidently when the first doctor listened for her heart rate it was fine because she wasn’t moving. He immediately called the hospital and they rushed me over within minutes…

The second doctor found that every time the baby moved her heart rate dropped when it should have sped up.

The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and she was choking herself. He told me afterwards that she would have died that afternoon had I not stopped in.

She was delievered by C-section 6 weeks early and spent a month in the neo-natal unit at Dartmouth before coming home.

I was in a hospital in Manchester. They put me in a room alone because they didn’t think she was going to make it and I guess they didn’t want me to have to deal with all the other mother’s and babies while I was waiting for news.

She did pull through and came home at 4 lbs.

Now she is a strapping, tomboy 12 year old girl, quick to smile, hug and laugh. I have to say that she seems to have a spark in her that makes her enjoy life more than most of us. I think that she might have been “touched” by an angel.

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