Angel number 1818 came to me last New Years Eve Day of 2018, at arround 18 pm when  I drove my car from California to Las Vegas, Nevada filled with four others I thought were friends at the time.

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I'll make a long story slightly shorter by telling you that these people left me stranded in Vegas with no money. All I had was the clothes on my back, a pack of cigarettes and my car which did not have enough gas in it to get me back home to California, and of coure my guardian angel who sent me constantly the angel number 1818.

It was very late as I walked up, down and past the strip. Most of the pawn places were closed as I tried to sell some gold earrings I had on.

The few that were open said they would not give me anything for them. I was offered help by a few men in exchange for "favors."

angel number 1818

Well because of a slightly sordid past and a promise I had made to God once, I had to refuse that kind of "help."

So I sat in the parking lot of a 7-11 for several hours. Watching a sign that had 1818 on it, and asked for help from my guardian angel.

The few that were open said they would not give me anything for them. I was offered help by a few men in exchange for "favors."

The gas attendant inside knew of my problem and allowed me to sit there in my car. At about 3 am an old station wagon came cluncking into the 7-11 station. In it two young men sat. One looked clean shaven, neatly dressed and seemed rather nice. He went inside.

The other looked slightly older, quite a bit taller and really scruffy looking. He had on an old army trench coat, rag tag clothes, long, kind of messy hair and a days growth of beard.

He got out and walked over to me. He leaned on my window (which I had rolled down), pulled out an old silver lighter and asked me if I had a cigarette. I offered him one of mine and as we shared a smoke, the other young man came over to me.

"The attendant inside says you need some money to get home?" He asked. I told him yes.

"Do you have any jumper cables?" He then asked. I told him yes.

"My battery is messed up and my car keeps dying every block or so. I live up the ways a bit and if you could follow me and keep jumping my car I will give you money to get you home." I was sooo very happy! I almost started to cry! 🙂

And then he gave me a staff of dollars, when I counted it later I noticed angel number 1818 was here again, he gave me 181,80 usd.

When that young man walked back to his car the scruffy one leaned in and admired a crystal I had hanging from my mirror.

I was sooo very happy! I almost started to cry! 🙂

I was soo grateful for the help from him and his friend I asked him if he'd like it. He said it was too pretty to just give away but he would trade me for a stone he wore pinned to his jacket. We traded stones and then he handed me his silver lighter and said "There should be enough fluid in there to get you home."

I told him thank you so much as my own lighter did not work. Then as he stood up he smiled saying "God will get you home safely" and then walked slowly away.

Later I checked the meaning of angel number 1818, and it did mean you will get home safely!

I watched as he kept walking past the other young man and gradually disappeared into the darkness. As the other young man and I were getting the cars ready to go I told him to be sure and thank his (scruffy) friend for everything too.

He then proceeded to tell me that the scruffy young man was just a hitch-hiker he had picked up along the road. He'd never seen him before. It was at that moment that the tears started welling in my eyes.

Love & Light!

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