Have you ever wondered what the meaning of Angel Number 1111 is? I can tell you that from personal experience!

I am 43 years old now. When I was 16, my girlfriend, Sandy, became pregnant. We were too young to raise a child, and our families didn’t have a lot of money (and willingness) to raise the child either. Eventually, we decided to give the baby up for adoption.

When I was 19, I married Sandy, and we had three more children. The last 26 years have been hell on my wife regarding the child she gave up. The baby was born on Valentine’s Day, 1971, and every Valentine’s day since has been a day of mourning in our household.

angel number 1111 pregnancy

We had initiated a few searches for this child after she turned 18 but to no avail. We were listed in various agencies as looking and available for contact if she initiated an investigation, but nothing came of this. Finally, after the last Valentine’s day, my wife contacted an agency that was only paid if contact was made, so we were even more hopeful.

Finding Answers for The Meaning of Angel Numbers 1111

At this point in time, I was very involved in the spiritual community and contacted Marry Ellen, an angel practitioner. She taught me to be more attentive to the environment and look for angel numbers. And soon after I started to see 1111 – more often than not.

Marry Ellen gave me the information that Angel Number 1111 indicated a connection with Angels and messengers. Angel number 1111 is usually related to pregnancy, children, and oneness.

Angel Number 1111 and Pregnancy

Number 1111 is a master number and master numbers are considered a sign of good luck. If you see this number frequently, it may signify that your guardian angel is trying to send you a message that he is nearby and protecting both you and the future child. If you are seeing angel number 1111, pregnancy is likely to happen if not happened until now.

Angel Number 1111 and Children

Some angel practitioners see a strong connection between angel number 1111 and having many children. This is not necessarily true, but if you are hoping to have a large family, seeing this number may signify that your wishes will come true.

angel number 1111 children

Angel Number 1111 and Oneness

When you see the number 1111, it signifies that you are one with the universe. You are connected to all that is, and you are a part of the whole. The universe is supporting you and guiding you on your path. Trust your intuition and follow your heart.

Finding Our Daughter

On Friday, 2/21/17, the agency contacted my wife and informed her that she had the information concerning our daughter. We were ecstatic. On Saturday, we transferred the money to the searcher and expected a phone call when she received the money.

The meaning of 11:11 is pregnancy?

Sunday morning was HELL. I was waiting for the call to arrive. The call we had prayed for and waited for for 26 years. I looked at the clock at 11:00 AM and thought, “the call will come in at 11:11“, but did not say anything to my wife. I figured the moment was too tense already.

At exactly 11:11, the phone rang. It was the agency with the information. Now I knew we were in the realm of Angels but still didn’t want to sound too corny. Now, this is where it starts to get mysterious. We found out my daughter lives at 1111 Park Ave. When my wife got pregnant, she lived at 111 First St.

Trying to be ready for any reaction (imagining and fearing the worse), we were not prepared for the response we received.

11:11 meaning pregnancy

Our daughter had graduated from college with a degree in Early Childhood Education, and she is currently teaching mentally disabled adults. After the initial shock wore off, and after her questions, you would imagine, she said something I was not prepared to hear: “THANK YOU.” She thought our love and caring for her was “beautiful” and thanked us again for giving her a life that was a good one.

The world is a better place because of this person. She is a caring and loving individual who gives of herself so others can do better. My debt of gratitude to the people who raised her is overwhelming. My concern over the decision made by my wife and me when we were teenagers has been validated. Angels have truly blessed me.

My debt of gratitude to the people who raised her is overwhelming

We intend to keep open a line of communication and see what develops. We do not want to do anything to mess it up. Obviously, with a situation with all of the psychological ramifications, we are taking it slowly.

I am generally not so free with information of this personal nature. Still, I feel obligated to share this story with you under the circumstances and the timing of your correspondence with me. Please feel free to pass it along if you think it will be of service to anyone. Angel Number 1111, meaning is genuinely magical.

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Bianca · October 13, 2022 at 7:54 pm

Everything happened for a reason, she was meant to become that person and help others. Reading this story gave me the chills and made me very happy for you guys!! I’m very thankfull that in the end our Guides will always have the best interest for us 🙂

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