Well, it is pretty blurry now, but I can’t forget it, how angel number 1414 saved my life and my family’s.

It all started when my mother, brother, my friend, and I were going to Jones Beach, NY for a concert. I dropped off my family and went driving about Long Island on an elusive search for some women.

angel number 1414

That didn’t turn out to be anything good. So eventually, we picked up my brother and mother from the concert area and proceeded back on the Belt Parkway to our home in Staten Island, NY. This was the first time I saw angel number 1414, it was the street number.

So, I’m driving and driving and find myself getting very groggy behind the wheel. I also find myself doing 75 m.p.h. in a 50 m.p.h zone. I’m in the left lane, speeding away, a car with the number 1414 on the license plate. I turned the radio on and the radio guy says it’s 14:14.

I feel tired and I start to nod off to sleep! As soon as I know it, I hear a woman’s voice. It sounded like my mother and I had a fuzzy picture of my mother. But only, she looked like the Virgin Mary. She was waking me up, I think she was yelling at me, but in a comforting way? So the next thing I know, I wake up, and I see myself on a course headed straight for a concrete barrier! I quickly evade it and pull over to the shoulder, and request my mother to drive, as I might get people killed.

I checked angel number 1414 meaning. The meaning is danger ahead! Stay awake!

As we are out of the car, she gives me a warm, comforting hug, with tears in her eyes, whispering, “Thank You.” You are truly a man today (I’m only 18). So, the rest of the ride home I felt really good about myself, and kept thinking about that experience.

When I arrived home I checked angel number 1414 meaning. The meaning is danger ahead! Stay awake!

It will definitely be one of the most hard-to-forget experiences of my life!

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