The endless adventure known as life is filled with many paths, roads, and choices that each person is bound to take – diverging from one point to the other as each one makes different choices along the journey. As such, we are commonly faced with hundreds of situations at one time that sometimes it is easier to simply walk away from it than rack our brains trying to figure out the right way to end it. Life is filled with loose threads, and favorable as it might seem at first, it certainly is not pretty when these open-ended lines are tangled together as things get shaken or when the going gets rough.

angel number 414

Think of this angel number as your alarm clock telling you to pick up the ball and either keep it rolling or finally take the shot.

People have limitations, and sometimes without even knowing it, you are starting a new phase without even finishing the last one. Whether it is a childhood dream left buried under bills and taxes, relationships that were silenced due to circumstances, or passions that were extinguished because of the judging eye of our society, there are a lot of loose ends in every person’s story.

With this sign, perhaps it is time for you as well to take the first step towards sealing these gaps.

It certainly is challenging to look back and face the things that you have buried in the past, but the line “the past is past” is not as smart as it is optimistic. The past is bound to catch up with the present, and it is a fact that everyone is aware of but will not admit. This is the sign for you to straighten those knots, let your passions breathe the air of the outside world, and give a peaceful ending to your unfulfilled relationships. This marks the beginning of a new life that is not burdened with the horrors of the past and the baggage full of concealed truths. This is the sign for you to let go, be true, and be honest to yourself, and everyone around you. Closures are not meant to be the end of an era. It exists to signify the beginning of a new one and the resolution of what has and hasn’t been done.

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