I want to share my story about angel number 1515. My friend was in her car on the way to drop her children off at school. She was sitting at the light and when it changed, she was on her way through the light and realized another car was going through the intersect through a red light. The license plate number had angel number 1515 in it. In order to avoid a collision she slammed her foot on the gas to hurry and get out to the car's way. Well her car would not move. It just sat there while she had her foot pressed all the way to the floor. The other car flew through the intersection and missed the front end of her car by a hair. She sat there for a minute thinking her car had stalled. She watched a billboard that was just in form of her, it had angel number 1515 on it! When she pushed the gas peddle again her car went safely through the intersection without a problem. It was then that she realized if she had moved the car forward she would have been broadsided and surely ended up hurt very badly or dead. There was definitely some angelic intervention there, the repeating angel number 1515 was the proof! It just made her day. I then told her about the time I lived in California and I was making a left hand turn at a busy intersection. I was sitting at the light, there was heavy traffic in all directions. I was the last car through the light which was yellow by the time I got to it. I was going fast in order to get through, before it changed to red. It was raining. Halfway through the intersection I lost control of my car and it spun around and around. I'm not sure how many times. I thought, okay, this is it. I prayed my kids would be taken care of and asked for forgiveness. I shut my eyes and just let go of the steering wheel. I knew I was going to die. The next thing I knew I opened my eyes and was sitting in the middle of the intersection, I look around and there were no other vehicles on the road anywhere. I received a call from a number that contained angel number 1515 but when I answered no one was on the other side.
There was definitely some angelic intervention there, the repeating angel number 1515 was the proof!
I was all alone and pointed in the direction I had been heading in. I sat there for a minute wondering if I was still alive or maybe someplace else. I couldn't believe it ! I just drove to my destination confused and very shaken up. After the discussion with my friend I checked the meaning of angel number 1515 and it means that I’m being protected from a serious accident. I will never forget it because I know the angels were defiantly watching out for me then ! Any other experiences like these out there?

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