The meaning of Angel Number 1228: The number of the over-steeped tea. Have you ever heard the term “comfort zone?” You know, that place or situation where you feel most comfortable and where you feel like everything will go just the way it is supposed to be? How would you describe your feeling of peace whenever you are in this “comfort zone?” Do you feel relieved? Do you feel extremely elated to have everything proceed just the way it was meant to be? Do you feel, on some level, a sensation of boredom with everything being easy-going everything? Do you feel like you have to stay in there for as long as you can for fear that you might mess up the moment your step out of your bubble?

Have you ever felt satisfaction for the entire time that you stayed inside that zone? Have you never wondered about what awaits you out there in the real world?

angel number 1228 meaning

You see the thing is, while comfort zones are named as such for a reason (for comfort, of course), it is not exactly the best thing for you when it comes to improvement and progress. The number of the over-steeped tea is a clever metaphor that your angels sent you to provide you a picture of what your current situation is like. They know that you seek greatness, they smell that hunger and desire within you. However, they also know that it seems like you are looking at your situation all wrong and are by no means making progress at all.

Comfort zones are named as such for a reason, but much like how an over-steeped tea could taste so bitter, staying inside that zone for so long could likewise make things worse than before. “Little is good, more might be better?” That does not necessarily make sense all the time.

Your angels are aware of your circumstances. More than anyone else, they know what is going in your mind. They know that you are struggling with the fact that you are going stagnant but you also fear that going backward is worse than staying still. Staying too long within what you know and familiar to you will only make your slump even worse. Sure, regression is very much possible in the real world, but isn’t taking risks the only way to achieve victories? How could you ever win battles that you are not willing to fight in the first place? Why question tomorrow when you could worry about today?

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