Angel Number 1223 meaning: The number of the wilting bud. Dreams, much like how they could build you up and place you on a pedestal, could all so suddenly take all of it away from you as soon as someone shatters that illusion that you were previously living in. Many dreams were broken because of the harsh reality of the real world, and many dreams are still going to be broken because of this cruel fate that many mistake for the brilliance and allure of success. Humans are cursed with this cruel illusion, and perhaps there are not so many ways to break through this other than facing the fact that if it did not happen to you yet, soon enough it will.

Despite all this, you should not fear the number of the wilting bud. Your angels wish for nothing but your happiness, and having this number choose you to show itself is proof that your angels are concerned about your well-being. They sincerely sense that you were granted an intricate vision of reality before you were even barely ready to face the harsh reality of the world.

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As a kid, they know that you were such a dreamer, aiming for heights that no other person could even imagine possible. You saw the silver lining in everything, you were so optimistic about life, and you had a lot of dreams that were unfortunately buried deep right after everything was shattered before your very eyes. You were a dreamer, and right now, your angels know that you are trying so hard to suppress that bud that is barely about to bloom.

Your angels know that dreams are harsh illusions that everyone must see through at some point. But sometimes, these dreams are the very reason why people tend to move forward. You are pulling yourself back by keeping that flower from blooming, from letting that bud grow fully, from chasing those dreams that once ran free in your mind. Your dreams are not holding you back – your reluctance to acknowledge them is. The reality might be so much harsher than what anyone might have described it to be, but you need dreams – now more than ever.

Do not let that inner dreamer within you die and wilt. Reach for the stars. Aim for the moon. Never be the reason for your downfall. You can do it. Your past self knows that you will. You have to believe in that too.

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