Angel number 1222 meaning: The number of personal recollection. Have you ever felt incomplete, broken, invisible, and weak? Have you ever felt like the odd sheep of the herd, the one who is always different, and the one who only yearns to learn how to be one with the rest of them? Have you ever felt like you never truly understood who you are because life has never given you a chance to do so, to try and recollect about your dilemmas?

Have you ever felt like your existence is one big question that only seems to provide more questions than answers every time you try to venture outside the things that are known to you?

You may have felt like you were always cast out by many, and for sure that also made you feel like an odd piece of a puzzle that could just never fit in any situation imaginable. You stick out like a sore thumb, and sometimes it makes you feel like you could never belong or you were never made to belong. You try to shape yourself into something you are not just to be able to feel the warm embrace of company, but every time you try you simply fail and start all over again.

angel number 1222 meaning

These are all valid feelings, and no one could ever blame you for ever feeling such things. The world is a cruel place, and sometimes, even if its intentions are true, its means are not necessarily the kindest of them all. You should never question your existence, let alone your true character.

Your personality is the one that shapes your soul, your true identity, the real you amidst thousands of other unique individuals who struggle just as much to make their mark. Your angels were aware of this, and this is perhaps the reason why they sent you the number of personal recollection. Your angels are not meddlesome beings in any way, but they also know that guidance is something that everybody needs.

Your angels would like you to see that you are unique in your own way – you are special, you stand out for a reason, and you were made to stand out and shine among all others. Never question your identity because this is what makes you you.

What you need is a little time to know yourself, to know your quirks and perks, to know the things that make you special, and to learn to accept them, to love you for you, and to learn how to embrace the uniqueness within you. You are unique. You are special. Never let anything else make you think otherwise.

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