Angel Number 1221 meaning – The number of unsaid words. Have you ever felt like you are walking on eggshells every time something is prioritized over you, fearing that saying what you feel is not valid? Have you ever felt like you could not be honest with your colleagues because you think that compromising is better than partaking in uncomfortable confrontations?

Have you ever felt like you are that one person in the room that is always saying “it’s okay” even though it was not? If these questions resonate with you deeply, then this is the exact reason as to why the angel number of unsaid words chose you among many others.

Your innate quietness and calm demeanor seem to mislead other people into thinking that you are not the type who is particular with things and that you would simply go with whatever it is that they give you. They feel like upsetting you is not a big deal as you would simply talk to them again once the situation subsides, even without a simple sorry or admittance of their faults.

angel number 1221

You are perhaps too kind for this world, and deep inside you feel like your kindness is being taken advantage of by many people who only seek the progression of their goals. Your angels are aware of this, and perhaps this is why they sent the angel number of unsaid words to you.

Forgiveness is a noble thing for your angels but leaving yourself bare and exposed to the harsh reality of the world is not an option either. Your angels are trying to tell you that you need to stand your ground, that you need to fight for yourself, and that you need to start appreciating your worth just like how you appreciate the worth of others enough to not say anything about their misgivings.

Your kindness is blinding for many, but they are also blinded towards your feelings and often forget to consider that you are just like them in all aspects. It might not be the most comfortable that you would ever have to do but knowing how to speak up and say these unsaid words is no different from knowing how to love yourself. Defending your heart is no different from protecting theirs. Kindness should start with kindness towards yourself.

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