Angel Number 1155 meaning – The number of the hidden compass. Do you remember your dreams when you were still a kid? Do you remember the trips that you have consistently planned for years on end, trying to figure out what to wear, where to go, who to go with? Do you remember that excitement that once filled you with utter glee as you saw that dream destination on the television, in the news, or even in books or the newspaper?

It was once a nice thought, but perhaps it felt like it slowly faded as time went on, as the grim reality of the world set in, and as the struggles of adulthood started to burden you with more important things to think about. Sure, it might be fun to imagine now and then, but you feel like you have a lot on your plate to allow a few moments for the long-forgotten dream of your past.

angel number 1155

However, your angels are not about to let you give up on these dreams just yet.

The angel number of the hidden compass chose to show itself to you because your angel knows that you need to realize these dreams now more than ever. They know that you are burdened with a lot of things right now and that you are constantly fatigued because of work, personal issues, finances – everything that seems like a cliché factor in every slice of life movie.

They know that taking a break is not really on your to-do list right now, but they also know that you need a break now more than ever. They know how hard you have worked in the past few years, and now you deserve to take some time off for yourself to recollect and see the fruits of your efforts ever since.

The angel number of the hidden compass represents the repressed soul of an adventurer within you, trying to show you that you need to indulge your dreams as well to keep yourself from burning out. While it is completely applaudable to see someone doing their best at work and excelling at everything that they do in the office, knowing how to take a breather is likewise a core component in excellence.

What do you say? Care to join your family or your friends at your childhood dream destination?

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