Angel Number 1144 meaning – The number of comforting illusions. Sometimes it is nice to simply imagine the millions of “what ifs” in your life, simply daydreaming and trying to live inside these thoughts that would have been perfect if you were able to experience them.

You keep on trying to make yourself believe in things just to see that there is good in everything in the world. Some might even call you extra optimistic with your extremely positive outlook on life, trying to convince yourself that everything is inherently good until it is tainted with foul intentions. You try to keep optimism within your life, even if it meant compromising your very own health and safety. You keep on indulging in illusions just to feel like everything is going well in life, even though it was not meant to be that way at all. However, this is exactly what brought the angel number of comforting illusions to you.

Your angels are glad that you can bring a positive twist to whatever challenges life has in store for you. They know that you can easily break through obstacles just by seeing the good in everything and trying to work through problems with a smile. That smile inspires everyone around you, and they are extremely grateful for having a person in their lives with such a positive demeanor that you could not easily find anywhere.

angel number 1144

They appreciate you for your optimism, but your angels are trying to tell you to appreciate yourself as well. While it might be extremely comforting to live under the veil of illusions, knowing how to tread everything with a discerning eye is also a key to success and real happiness.

Your angels are aware that you are happy doing what you do, but you also need to convince yourself that you are happy, instead of simply saying that it is true. Protecting your own heart and trying to see things for what it is might also be helpful for you in the long run – to prevent people from taking advantage of this kindness that you are striving so hard to share with everyone.

Your kind thoughts and actions are more than what the angels could ever ask from you, but it is now their turn to protect you and keep that happiness going on for whatever it is that you might do. Looking past these comforting illusions does not necessarily mean giving up on the ideals that you have spent so much time working on. Take a breather. People might appreciate you for your positivity in life, but you should also appreciate yourself for trying to do what many people have failed to do in so many years.

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