Angel Number 1133 – The number of regrets and redemption. At some point in your life, there might be one or two things that you deeply regret doing – thinking constantly what your life would have been like if you have taken that first step, or if you have just said no, or if you tried to be as open as possible to someone else. It is a normal feeling, and that does not take anything away from your strength and from who you are as a person.

The feeling of regret simply means that you are trying to think about your actions and that things matter to you – perhaps even more than other people. You see the value in everything, and that is why you also see the value lost when you let go of something that you now realize that you shouldn’t have.

angel number 1133

Having regrets is a normal human emotion but trying to bury yourself under these piles will not make any of these go away. Your angels know that the angel number of regrets and redemption is the best way to tell you this and to reach out to you.

They know that you feel responsible for whatever it is that you have done, and they know that you are doing your best to try and redeem yourself from the pain and heartbreak of your past actions. But they also know that you are locking yourself up deep within your emotions despite doing everything that you can to try and make up for your past. They know that you have already realized that the only way to redeem yourself from the horrors of your past is to likewise allow yourself to redeem your actions, to forgive yourself, and to see the good within you once again.

Your angels believe in your strength, in your passion, in your willingness and dedication to be better and do better moving forward. But to be successful, you also need to believe in these things, to have faith in yourself, and to believe that you have the strength to face your regrets and move past them with a lighter load.

You are strong, your angels know that and perhaps even the whole world is aware of that. You must see this, and you must use this to tread these obstacles moving forward. You are strong. Do not let anything or anyone tell you otherwise.

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