Angel Number 1118 meaningThe number of instincts and spontaneity. You might have been long wondering about why exactly you are like what you are today. You are wondering as to why you cannot seem to instantly take the leap and leave everything up to fate. You are the type of person who wants everything to be known, to be structured, to be organized, and to be relied on based on data and information. You never take risks, even if it means losing the bet entirely. You struggle to let your feelings take over, analyzing every single detail with your mind instead of your heart. You are logical, and there is nothing wrong with that. You are meticulous, and perhaps that is why you have achieved so much since then. You were gifted with a brilliant mind, and you certainly used it for what it is intended for.

However, this is exactly why the angel number of instincts and spontaneity chose you. It is not because you are treading down the wrong path or doing something that goes against what you should have done. You are enlightened, you are open to everything, and you think things through to see everything that needs to be seen. And that is exactly what your angels are trying to point out. You overthink things and sometimes opportunities end up fading before you could even mutter the words “yes” or “no.” You try to analyze things at their deepest level when in fact you could never truly learn the deepest depths of any single aspect in life. You are an intellectual, but that does not mean that what you have been doing for the past few years was wrong.

angel number 1118

You are currently at a platform that your knowledge has painstakingly raised throughout the years, but you feel like you could never go higher. You are stuck in a loop of information, trying to understand things, and then going too far that you end up not understanding anything at all. Your angels are trying to tell you that you need to let your human instincts take over and steer the wheel. Life is an adventure, but the end goal is not necessarily filled with puzzles that you could simply figure out. The beauty in life and any relationship is that the unknown makes it so special that you cannot stop looking at it. To move forward and climb even higher heights, you need to leave it all up to the winds of destiny. It might go against what you have initially believed in, but is it not exploring the unknown the very aspect of learning? Is it not the very foundation of the belief that you have lived with for so long?

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