Angel Number 1115 meaningThe number of persistence and dedication. Have you ever felt like your whole life has been a lie? Have you ever felt like everything that you have ever known was built on fabricated stories that once made you feel like you were such a special individual? Have you ever felt betrayed by someone that you have trusted even with your very life?

In your entire life, you learned that the only way that you could move forward is by trusting people and letting them know that you depend on them. But every time you try to reach out, you feel like you are always blindsided by the things that they are keeping from you. You get knocked down, again and again, thinking about whether it was even worth it to trust them with your deepest secrets even though they are not even taking the effort to trust you with theirs, even if it meant hurting you in the process. It is hard to find sense in such a virtue, especially when you feel like you are playing a one-sided game that will ultimately disappoint you.

meaning of angel number 1115

But you must stay strong. You must. Your angels sent you the angel number of persistence because they do know what you are going through. They know that it is hard, and they know that it pains you to even trust one more person. The angel number of persistence is not trying to let you see the good in other people. It is trying to tell you that something good can be born out of passion and continuous dedication, even if it means that people will take advantage of your inherent kindness. You are not a fool for opening your heart and home to other people; they are fools for taking advantage of your dedication and not appreciating the things that you have to offer.

The world is a cruel place, but your angels know and would want you to know, that being cruel is not going to make the world any better. Passion and kindness are not meant to be embodied for other people to appreciate – it is meant to make you a better person in a world where everything seems to be going downhill. You are not a fool for being a warm, loving person who knows how to trust everyone around them. You are special, and you should not let these obstacles in life make you believe otherwise.

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