Angel Number 1101 is usually sent by the angel Barakiel

When the angel Barakiel sends you repetitive sequences of the angel number 1101, it means, in nowadays words, “Your battery is low – you better charge it quickly”.

Who is the angel Barakiel?

The angel Barakiel is associated with energy, in particular the energy of life. The meaning of his name is “The divine lighting” in biblical Hebrew.
The angel Barakiel is a powerful guardian angel and if he communicates with you, you should considerate yourself lucky!

Why the angel Barakiel has send me the angel number 1101?

The angel number 1101 signification is like the notification in your smartphone alerting you that your energy level is quite low. You must charge yourself with new energy, now!

Why am I losing energy?

Very often, the reason for this sudden “discharge” in energy is a behavioral one. Is it possible you are too much of a perfectionist, and you are giving too much attention to details?

Excessive perfectionism can consume large amounts of energy. To stop this, try to make quick decisions according to your inner feelings.

Is it possible you are too much of a perfectionist, and you are giving too much attention to details?

You might feel your spiritual battery needs a good recharge The easiest way to do this is by avoiding physical or mental stress and getting a lot of rest.

Feeling connected with your guardian angel makes it easy to receive angelic guidance and finding inner peace.

Angel number 1101 charge your energy

Are you taking good care of yourself?

  1. It is very important to maintain good and healthy diet. Avoid food with lots of white sugar. Drink herbal tea more often and avoid large quantities of caffeine.
  2. Few days of vacation, even at home, to relax with a good book will do miracles for you.
  3. If you a very physically active person, please avoid over exercising.
  4. Watch out for energy drainers such as very negative people.

In the coming weeks, you should be careful and less hasty when it comes to making decisions.

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