Angel Number 1022 meaning: The number of crystal tears. Have you ever felt like you had to hold back your emotions for the sake of other people? Have you ever felt like showing your emotions is something that you could not do? Do you feel like there is this constant need for you to mask your feelings – fearing that people would judge you and look at you differently once you start showing your true self to them? Do you feel like being honest with your feelings is not something that is provided to you as a luxury?

Many people feel like their emotions are no different than the next stranger that passes you in the street – unknown, something to fear, and something that should not be paid attention to if not necessary. Emotions are usually feared by many since they do not necessarily understand the depth that it is trying to convey. And if you have reached this point, then perhaps the questions above resonated deeply with your current situation, and it might just explain why the angel number of crystal tears chose you to show itself to.

You might feel like there is this need for you to open, but you simply could not find the courage to bare yourself even in front of the people that you love. You fear the connection between a person and their emotion as you feel like things get uncomfortable in those moments – leaving you standing there not knowing what to do or how to comfort them. As such, you feel like you need to spare other people from that experience, locking your feelings in a cage that is sealed to not let even the single ray of light through.

angel number 1022 meaning

However, your angels are trying to tell you that there is nothing wrong with being honest with what you feel, how you feel, and why you feel those emotions. Emotions are made to steer people in the right direction, to avoid things that might cause them pain, and to navigate them towards a place full of happiness and peace. Your emotions are like your innate compass and trying to suppress them is no different from letting yourself get lost in the sea of your thoughts.

Being honest about how you feel will not take anything away from your dignity or from the reputation that you have worked so hard to build. Being honest about your feelings is no different from being yourself and from being who you truly are.

It might be difficult to take the first step, but if you reached this point, you have unknowingly accepted the fact that you are feeling these things. It is alright to wonder whether you are feeling things. Questioning that simply means that you are still feeling something, and that is what your angels are trying to help you achieve.

You have taken the first step. All that is left is to see it through.

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