Angel Number 1001 – The number of the living. Perhaps this scenario is familiar to you: you did something, you panic at the first instance, you try to solve it, when you were successful you were happy and you celebrated, and then you forget about the incident, only to go back on the same loop again in the next few weeks or months. You might have been a victim of “living in the moment,” living too much that you do not consider what will happen next or what will happen because of what you are about to do next.

You are too concerned about missing out on what you could have done, instead of fearing the unknowns brought by the uncertainties associated with the risks that you are willing to take just to prove that you are living. But you are living. It might not be apparent to you, but it was to your angels, and this is what they are trying to tell you.

angel number 1001

The angel number of the living has revealed itself to you because your angels are trying to send you a message, to warn you, to make you see that you are alive, and you do not need to waste your moments on the unknowns just to feel like your life is worth living. The thrill of having to take risks all the time is indeed a high for many, but it will not be long until you realize that that high will not last forever.

Your angels are trying to make you realize all of these before it is too late to pull yourself out from the hole that you are trying to dig yourself. You do not need to grapple with fire just to be able to feel that you are not dreaming. You are who you are, and you do not need to convince anyone about that.

Risks are necessary for people to move forward, but you do not need to extinguish yourself along the process just to show that you took some. Risks are necessary for people to move forward but taking it one step at a time does not mean that you are not trying to progress at all. Risks are necessary but you also need to know your limits. Your angels know that you know your limits better than anyone else. Honor them. Recognize them. Progress along with them.

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