The angel Sandalphon is known to be the angel of power and strength. He was chosen to represent God in the eternal fight against Samael, one of the devil’s daemons, and to prevent him from committing evil deeds against humans wherever they were.

Because Sandalphon is an important angel, many sacred writings mention him, including the Babylonian Talmud, the book of Enoch, and the Kabbalah’s Zohar.

While there are several perspectives on this angel’s exact nature, the books of all religions agree he has more responsibility than the “average” angel, which makes him a very busy angel.

People whose guardian angel is Sandalphon seldom feel his presence. Because Sandalphon is very busy fighting Samael, he doesn’t communicate much.

While other guardian angels show signs, such as angel numbers or dreams, Sandalphon is more of a “down-to-business” guardian angel.

If your guardian angel is Sandalphon, you will feel his protection only if something of great importance or great risk happens to you.

From time to time, people who don’t believe in angels will describe a divine intervention that happened to them. Suddenly, they become “believers”. Very often, their guardian angel is Sandalphon, who intervened when the situation – for example, a car accident – was critical.

However, if your guardian angel is Sandalphon, when you have minor problems he will probably let you figure out how to solve them by yourself because, as mentioned, he is a very busy angel.

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