Who is the angel of miracles, Hamied? Should we refer to him as an angel or an archangel? Why is Hamied associated with godsends? How do we pray to angel Hamied? Keep reading and find out the answers to these questions and more.

Why is Angel Hamied Associated With Miracles?

When referring to the term “miracle,” we do not mean a biblical miracle, which only God can perform. We are referring to an unlikely event, such as an unexpected promotion at work, finding true love, winning a prize, or any other unlikely event that happens when we least expect it.

Miracles are part of our daily lives and happen in different forms, ways, and dimensions.

Hamied Angel
Hamied Angel was the guardian angel of several powerful people in the middle east.

It is believed Angel Hamied is associated with miracles and blessings because he was able to bring affordable medicines to people in need around the world when he was a human being. Hamied’s connection to miracles stems from his deep faith and belief in the power of prayer. Hamied may have witnessed or experienced firsthand the power of miracles in his life, which could have further strengthened his faith and conviction in their existence.

The angel Hamied wants us to be aware of the possibilities of experiencing miracles.
Miracles aren’t in short supply. Miracles are readily available to those who are willing to receive them.

These days, our ability to see miracles becomes clouded as we move through our day-to-day lives.
The neverending flow of bad news and unfortunate events from television, the internet, and negative people in our environment can push us to dark corners filled with anxiety and depression.

When it comes to the angel Hamied, the “dark corner” is the worst place. His greatest strength is creating miracles and providing us with unexpected positive events. This will work only if we let in the light.

Archangel Hamied
The Charm of the angel Hamied

“Letting in the light” happens when we are focused on the positive and good things in our lives. Negative thoughts close the door to experiencing the ever-abundant and present miracles this angel seeks to bring our way.

People whose guardian angel is Hamied are categorized into two groups: the dark-corner people and enlightened people.

Those in the dark corner rarely feel his presence. They often ignore the fact that angels exist while believing that the world is a cold, dark place.

When these people find a path to optimism and happiness, the angel Hamied is there to make beautiful miracles happen.

These people are then transformed into enlightened people. They let in the light. Most successful people are protected by the angel Hamied. They let in the light and believe that great things are happening to them.

How to pray to the angel of miracles?

There is no one definitive way to pray to the angel of miracles. Some people may say a prayer of thanksgiving for the miracles that have been performed in their lives, while others may ask the angel for guidance or assistance with a specific situation. If you are facing a difficult situation, you may pray and ask the angel of miracles to help you find a way through it.

Here’s an example of an angel of miracles prayer:

Please angel Hamied listen to my prayer and ________. I am in need of a miracle. I promise that ________ if I am granted this miracle. I will ________ in order to show my gratitude, and I will also ________ with your guidance my dear and beloved angel. Please help me with my current situation and create this miracle for me.

Is It the Angel Hamied or The Archangel Hamied

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people believe that Hamied is an angel, while others believe he is an archangel. Some people may consider Hamied an angel because of his acts of kindness or his ability to help others, while others may consider him an Arcangel because of his strength and power.

What Is the Meaning of The Name Hamied?

The name Hamied is written in ancient Arabic. The meanings of the name Hamied could include “praised” or “lauded.”

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