By Stacy

I had a heavy burden , actually a sin, I know I am forgiven but I was having trouble forgiving myself. I went to the most heart felt prayer and it seemed to last ending in peace.

I lay on our couch that lay in front of my son’s door to his room and I closed my eyes for only a few seconds and opened to turn for comfort and can’t say he or she but a Bright human formed being stood there and although Bright, it glowed inward because the brightness did not illuminate the room.

It was only seconds and I can’t say for sure if I was intended to see this angelic being because as soon as I focused on this. Lovely peaceful being it shot straight up like a shooting star upward through the ceiling.. 

I knew I seen it but was not sure if it was for my on PEACE or a sign because many pictures of my son from infant to age 17 when he passed away in my arms , we have captured 1 and 2 small cherub sized glowing figures but usually only bright orbs near him. 

He is in rest and I believe his spirit rejoined to our Heavenly Creator. I WILL KNOW ONE DAY. I am so happy to share this so never to be forgotten. As time passes and you have an experience like this you question yourself although you know…..


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