I’m a clairaudient medium who lives in Northern California and have had mystical experiences my whole life. In particular with Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion.

A month ago I went through a very sad occurrence and I was lying in bed weeping feeling heartbroken. Suddenly I heard a fluttering sound and when I opened my eyes there were wings fluttering all around me. I was astonished and felt like I was going into a trance.

Archangel Michael

Then this beautiful angel drifted down and wrapped his wings around me from the front. Then a second wrapped his wings around me from the back. The feeling was, well, there are no words for it.

So soothing, comforting, and reminded me that I am love like them and I have so much gratitude for their healing embraces. I wanted to tell this moment because it shifted my life. And I wish this kind of sacred occurrence for everyone.

Thanks for listening.

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