What do my angels want me to know, well they told me this: in 1984, my very precious dog Konan died of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was nearly 12. He ‘went down’ in my house and I called my husband to come home immediately because Konan was dying. We took Konan to the vet in our truck …

My husband rode in the back with him because he was afraid that in Konan’s damaged brain, he might hurt me. When we arrived at the vet, I went in … it took forever … and my husband asked that I stay with Konan and he went in.

Immediately my dog calmed down. He knew me. When we took him in for the euthanasia, I was asked to leave … and refused. I stayed with my dog as the breath of life left his body. I was devastated. 🙁

what do my angels want me to know

One week later, I had a dream in the middle of the afternoon. I was on a porch and this beautiful black dog (Konan was a black Lab), came up and I knew it was Konan come back to tell me good-bye. I put my arms around his neck and could feel his fur. When I awoke, I was crying. My dog had found a way back to be with me one more time. 🙂

That is my story … breathe the starlight and be at peace.

Angelic Light surrounding us,
Wherever we may go,
They have so much to tell and thus –
Sounds like whistles blow.

Soft and gently, touching calm,
Singing, whispering, what a charm,
Dancing, laughing, flying free,
many times just comforting me.

Being blessed with Angel’s Light,
Glowing brilliant, shining bright,
Peace, and Love, and Harmony,
That’s what do my angels want me to know

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