I started getting closer to angels and angel tarot cards after a traumatic event in my personal life. In September of 2002 my mom was killed in an accident. My mom and two of our neighbors were out on a walk. A drunk driver was on his way home, when he struck my mom and killed her. The guy just kept going like nothing had happened. Thankfully one of our neighbors got a description of the vehicle. But nothing will ever bring my mom back.

A drunk driver was on his way home, when he struck my mom and killed her.

This tragedy deeply affected me and I started to develop a depression. I started drinking alcohol and developing eating disorders. I destroyed my self because of the death of my mother while she was the only one who could save me.

angel tarot cards

One day I got a free angel tarot cards reading through a facebook ad. At first I was doubtful but I continued reading and eventually decided to buy my own angel tarot cards.

10 months later was my mom and dads 1st anniversary without her. I was lying in my bed crying, opening the angel tarot cards and talking to my mom when I looked suddenly up at my ceiling, and there was my moms face! She was staring and smiling at me like she wanted to talk to me.

I knew right there that I had a guardian angel watching over me, hearing that I needed her help. I wiped my tears away. I was no longer sad because I knew my mom was all right and that she had made it to heaven.

Five minutes after her face disappeared, I looked in the other corner of my wall and I saw a bright cross. It was so perfect. I just lay there and watched it until I fell asleep.

So I believe there are angels among us everywhere and I am sure everyone has one. You just have to believe if you want to see them and maybe have a angel tarot cards to communicate with them!

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